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A fire broke out in a moving vehicle - the driver could not get out - watch the video of the tragic death

Road accidents are on the rise these days. Most people lose their lives in road accidents. A minor mistake by the driver leads to death. Then another road accident has occurred in Patan district today.

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It is learned that a moving vehicle suddenly caught fire and the driver of the car died on the spot. A car suddenly caught fire near Varana village in Sami taluka of Patan district. The fire became so fierce that before the driver could understand it, he too started a fire and inside the car, the driver was engulfed in flames and died a tragic death.

ગુજરટતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

According to the information received, a man named Ranjitsinh Singhwa of Varana village was passing near Waval bridge near Patia of Varana village in Sami taluka of Patan district in a car with CNG kit. Meanwhile, for some inexplicable reason, a fire broke out and the driver of the vehicle, Ranjitsinh Singh, got burnt in the vehicle.

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Meanwhile, local motorists saw the fire and immediately stopped. But the fire was so fierce that it was dangerous to go near it. The police and fire department were immediately notified by locals. The driver of the car started burning in front of the eyes of the people and in a few moments he also got into a fight with the car.


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Reporting the incident to the Sami police, the Sami police also rushed to the spot. The body of Ranjitsinh Singhwa, who was burnt to death in a fire engine by a fire extinguisher, was shifted to Sami Referral Hospital for postmortem. 

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