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A gift that the bride gets at the wedding or the groom's condition is bad - watch the video

It is common for weddings to be full of entertainment and fun. Many videos of the wedding ceremony go viral on social media. Many of which are the subject of discussion because they are funny videos or weird videos. 

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Sometimes the bride and groom get very strange gifts at the wedding, which surprises both her and her family and friends. Recently such a funny video is going viral on Instagram, you can't help but laugh if you watch this video.

The bride was annoyed to see the gift:

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

A video of the wedding is going viral on the social media site Instagram. In which, the bride and groom are sitting on the stage and their friends are also present around them. Everyone is taking photos in the group. Then the friend gives the bride a gift. As soon as she opens the gift, the bride and groom are amazed. This gift is so funny. You too will laugh and feel a little weird watching this video.

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Kitchen utensils or

This video has been shared by a user on his account on Instagram. People are really liking this video very much. Indeed, things like wheels and chips come out in the gift given to the bride. Now it is natural to be surprised to see this gift.

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An atmosphere of humor was created:

Such fun moments at a wedding are much loved. Due to which the atmosphere becomes a little lighter and a smile appears on everyone's face. There is something similar in this funny video.

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