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A hospital with a thousand beds built in just 48 hours, watch the video

The virus, which has spread from China to the rest of the world, has so far infected 7,892 people. 7771 of them are in China alone. The virus has killed about 170 people so far. The Chinese government, meanwhile, is tired of all the measures it has taken to deploy its military to protect and help people with the corona virus. Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered it.

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While the Corona virus is currently rampant in China, there is also an extremely rapid response to the virus. The city of Wuhan is the epicenter of the Corona virus, and in just two days, an empty building has been turned into a 1,000-bed hospital by artisans and volunteers near the city.

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The hospital building, built in the city of Huangzhou District, is in fact the new branch of Huanggang Central Hospital, which was to open in May. On Friday, local authorities ordered the vacant building to be immediately ready for coronavirus patients only. His work was started from Saturday.

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The hospital is designed for those infected with the corona virus and the first batch of patients were brought to the hospital from Debbie Mountain Regional Medical Center at 10.30pm. According to local media, the project has been completed in just 48 hours with the joint efforts of construction company employees, volunteers and paramilitary police officers.

According to the Huanggang government, all the beds were installed by volunteers on Monday and water, electricity and internet facilities have also been made available. More than 500 artisans and more than a dozen large tools worked day and night to prepare the building.

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Huanggang is located 75 km southwest of Wuhan and has an estimated population of 7.5 million. A similar ban was imposed here on the same day that the citizens of Wuhan were banned from leaving. So far 170 people have lost their lives due to the corona virus.

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The Corona virus, which originated in China, has so far spread to 17 countries around the world. How many international airlines have also stopped their flights to China. The Chinese military has been deployed across the country to help all kinds of victims, medical personnel and the general public.

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