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A hot air balloon burst into flames after colliding with a power line in New Mexico, killing 5 including 2 women

Tragic accident at an altitude of 100 feet: 

A team of police officers is working to investigate the cause of the accident

A tragic tragedy has come to light in New Mexico, USA. On Saturday morning a hot air balloon crashed to the ground with an explosion that collided with a power line. The crash killed five people aboard the balloon this morning.

 According to officials and media reports, 3 men and 2 women, including the pilot, were killed. Police spokeswoman Gilbert Gallegos said those killed in the crash could not be identified and an investigation was under way. The crash happened around 7 a.m. in the western part of Albuquerque, according to a police official.

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The balloon exploded on the road, causing a commotion among the locals. The
police officer further said that 1 wire broke when the hot air balloon collided with an electric wire. As a result, more than 13,000 homes were cut off. The Federal Aviation Administration said the balloon fell from a height of 100 feet in the middle of the road and caught fire. Locals immediately reported the incident to the fire brigade.

Fire department team also reached the scene at the time of the count and contained the fire, but by then 4 people had died. While 1 serious person breathed his last in the hospital.

The fire brigade contained the blaze

The hurricane-like wind blew the balloon out of control.
Officials have yet to find the cause of the crash. "We have sent two investigators to the scene," said Peter Nudson, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board. Who are getting answers to questions about balloons and operating. This report may take one or more weeks to arrive, after which appropriate conclusions can be drawn. Police officer Gallegos said it is very difficult to control a hot air balloon when the wind is blowing like a hurricane.

Albuquerque is considered to be the largest center for hot air balloons in the world. (File photo)

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Albuquerque is considered to be the largest center of hot air balloons in the world. Every year in the month of October, a 9-day program is organized here, which is attended by thousands of spectators and pilots from all over the world. Residents of the Albuquerque area also find employment following the program. However, the incidence of balloon accidents is very low here, and such incidents do occur from time to time. Prior to this, there have been many cases of hot air balloon accidents in the United States since 2008.

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