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A nine-year-old boy cried and told his mother that knowing the reason would make your heart melt - watch the video

People in the country are suffering from tension and many people are thinking of committing suicide. And nowadays even young people think like this and some of them even go crazy like this, and when we check the reason behind it, our heart also melts. 

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We all sometimes raise our children because of mischief. This case is very shocking. What is happening to this child may or may not happen to any of us. A video is currently going viral on social media in which a nine-year-old child is crying and talking about ending his life. You too will be annoyed if you know the reason behind doing so.

It is very dangerous to bully children in school or classroom, you will know when a child is upset and wants to commit suicide.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

 Indeed, Quaden Bayles, a 9-year-old Australian boy, was so annoyed by other children at school that he went home and started talking about dying in front of his mother. The video was shared by his mother, in which the child is crying and expressing his grief. In the video, baby Quaden Bayles is crying and repeatedly telling his mother that he wants to kill himself. The mother is also worried about the condition of the child who was disturbed by bullying at school and talked about dying.

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Yorca Bayles, the mother of Quaden Bayles, made a video of her baby crying and posted it on social media. Everyone was shocked to see this six minute video click. In the video, the heart of the bullied child seems to be overflowing with tears.

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In this video his mother says, I want people to know how much bullying hurts as a family. The mother of the child says how much the bullshit has affected the nine-year-old child. Which is just a demand to go to school. Wants to study and wants to play. In the video, nine-year-old Tanio is constantly crying and expressing his grief to his mother. This video has been viewed by over 19 million people.

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That being said, the baby’s height is low. He is much younger in height than children his own age. This is the reason why he annoys other children studying with him. The child victim is fed up with this daily bullying. Bored to the point that it feels good to die now. The video of this child named Quaden Bayles went viral on social media.

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