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A viral video of a 37-year-old woman wearing a sari exercising in a tremendous manner in the gym

Hundred Viral on Media: 

The 37-year-old Dr. Sherwari surprised everyone by doing push-ups and weight lift in sari.

37-year-old Dr. living in Pune. Sharwari Inamdar is a doctor of Ayurveda
This video has been viewed by over 10,000 people so far

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Sarees are considered to be the dress of Indian women. Many women do amazing feats in sarees. Many women run in sari. Sarees are usually a bit difficult to handle. But Dr. You will be amazed to see Sherwari's viral video.

Working out in the gym wearing a sari
Usually people who go to the gym buy comfortable clothes with track suits or exercises. But Dr. Pune. Sherwari goes to the gym wearing a sari. The most special thing is to wear a sari and exercise. She does push-ups in sarees and also does weight lift. This video of him is going viral on social media.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

વાયરલ  વિડીયો જોવો 

37-year-old Dr. living in Pune did a heavy workout in a sari . Sharwari Inamdar is a doctor of Ayurveda. He pays special attention to his fitness. For the past several years he has set out a special routine of his exercise and diet. Currently, a video of Dr. Sherwari is going viral on social media. This video shows her wearing a sari and doing push-ups and weight lifting. Surprisingly, she can easily do these exercises even in a sari.

More than 10,000 people watched
the video This video has been viewed by over 10,000 people so far. Dr. Sherwari has become an inspiration for women. Everyone is appreciating it.

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"Women are fitness conscious but they don't know what kind of exercise can keep the body fit , " says Sherwari, who made a video of weight training and push ups . Dr. According to Sherwari, most women follow a diet along with doing morning walks, yoga but cannot superfit themselves without weight training. To spread the word, she wore a sari and made a video of weight training and push ups in the gym and uploaded it on social media.

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Dr. According to Sherwari, women's bones become weaker with age. Women also complain of bone pain and weakness after menopause. In such a situation, weight training is very useful for women.

4 years ago she used to do walking, running, yoga for her fitness

Dr. According to Sherwari, 4 years ago she used to do walking, running, yoga for her fitness. Dr. Sherwari's husband is also an Ayurvedic doctor. The husband encouraged Sherwari to do weight training and join the gym and took training in push-ups, pull-ups and weight lifting. Dr. Sherwari has a husband and two sons in her family. The eldest son is 17 years old and the youngest son is 14 years old.

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