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A young man climbed a bridge in Surat to commit suicide, see LIVE rescue of fire brigade personnel

Attempted suicide: 

Rescue operation of a young man who climbed the bridge to commit suicide.

Amidst the crowds, firefighters used hydraulic platform vehicles to rescue the young man.

An atmosphere was created in Surat like a young man climbing on the pillar of a bridge. Firefighters struggled to rescue a young man who had climbed the pillar of a 70-foot bridge on CR Patil Road near Dindoli President Park. Police rushed to the spot as soon as the incident was reported late on Thursday evening.

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Hydraulic platform vehicles used to save a young man
According to information received, the original name of the young man are Bihar, Prasad manukumara Surat dindolimam and majurikama. The young man climbed the pillar of the bridge late on Thursday night, creating an atmosphere similar to the movie scenes. Crowds of people flocked to see him. Informing the fire department officials at this time, they immediately rushed to the spot and made an effort to bring down the youth. Amidst the crowds, firefighters used hydraulic platform vehicles to rescue the young man.

Firefighters rescued the young man by climbing on a pillar with the help of a rope.

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The firefighters handed over the young man to the police.
Despite the efforts of the fire department, the young man did not want to go down. After a struggle of about five hours, at half past one in the night, the fire team rescued the young man from the bridge and handed him over to the police. However, as the video of the whole incident became available, people gathered to find out the reason behind the young man's suicide attempt. A preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that the young man's name is Manukumar and he is 27 years old.


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Manukumar, a young man who
climbed the bridge, was drunk: Police said that Manukumar, a young man who climbed the Dindoli bridge, was drunk and hid after climbing the bridge at 3 pm as he fell asleep after work and did not want to be disturbed.

 People then reported the play to police at 7 p.m. After much hard work, at one o'clock in the morning, the fire staff managed to bring it down with the help of a crane. Manukumar said he was trapped on the bridge. I wanted to, so I climbed the bridge. However, addicts tend to lose their mental balance. Manukumar can be called an example.

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