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A young man who went to rescue a bird trapped in a power line in Malpur died due to electrocution

Going to save lives: 

 A young man who went to rescue a bird trapped in a power line in Malpur died due to electrocution

The young man who went to save the life of the Abol bird lost his life.

A wooden pole was tied in front of the iron pipe and climbed on the pillar

The young man fell down on his head due to electric shock

Police have registered a case of accidental death and conducted further investigation

In the market of Malpur village in Aravalli district, a young laborer, who was trying to save the life of a pigeon, was electrocuted and died on the spot. Following the incident, the local police have registered a case of accidental death and are conducting further investigation.

Today, a pigeon was trapped in a power pole in Malpur market. People were moving around and many people were watching the pigeon trapped in the pillar, but no one took the initiative to save the pigeon. Then Dilipbhai also came in the market. At that moment, he saw a dove fluttering its wings to avoid being trapped in a power pole.

He decided to climb the pole without even thinking for a moment to save the pigeon that was hitting the stick with an iron pipe by mistake . When he could not find a long stick to take out the pigeon, Dilip Bhai tied a wooden pole in front of the iron pipe and started climbing the pillar. Meanwhile, no one in the market noticed Dilipbhai, but a vigilant citizen was downloading a video of Dilipbhai's every move on his mobile.

While Dilipbhai was trying to escape from the electric wire by climbing on the power pole, the stick hit the wire and suddenly the lightning struck with a spark, causing Dilipbhai to fall from a great height and fall to the ground. He suffered severe head injuries and was bleeding profusely. Dilipbhai, who had climbed the pillar for an hour, fell to the ground and the traders around him came running. Even before he was shifted for medical treatment, his tragic death had cast a pall over the working family.

Father of three children under the umbrella lost
family lived in the village Malpur Aravalli district, about 35-year-old Dilip Vaghela Rekhaben wife and two sons and daughter Bobby wind and basil. Dilipbhai earns his living by doing odd jobs. From the very beginning, Dilipbhai had a great love for animals and birds.

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