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Allergy sufferers can also get vaccinated, no risk of blood clotting, just don't get pregnant women vaccinated, answer every question about vaccine

Bhaskar Explaner:  Allergy sufferers can also get vaccinated, no risk of blood clotting, just don't get pregnant women vaccinated, answer every question about vaccine

Can people with allergies get vaccinated? Can pregnant women get vaccinated against Covid-19? What should breastfeeding mothers do? Will I get enough antibodies after I get vaccinated?

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has issued answers to many such questions. These questions have been answered by the Healthcare Member of the Policy Commission, Dr. V. That. Paul and Dr. of Ames. Randeep Guleria. At the same time, the Ministry of Health has issued answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Read the answers to every question that comes to your mind regarding corona vaccination ...

Question: Can people with allergies get vaccinated?

Dr. Paul: If a person has a specific type of allergy problem, he should get the covid vaccine only after consulting a doctor. However, patients with any common allergies, such as common colds, skin allergies, etc., should not hesitate to get vaccinated.


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Dr. Gularia : People who are already taking allergy medications should not stop taking them, they should continue to take their medication on a regular basis even while taking the vaccine. It is also important to understand that after vaccinating people at all vaccination sites, special arrangements have been made to manage any allergy related problems, so we recommend that if you have any serious allergy problems, you should do so regularly. Medications should be continued and at the same time you can go for vaccinations.

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Question: Can pregnant women be vaccinated with Covid-19?

Dr. Paul: According to current guidelines, pregnant women should not be vaccinated. The reason behind this is that based on the data obtained from vaccination tests, the doctors and the scientific community have not yet decided to recommend for vaccination of pregnant women. However, the Indian government will clarify the matter in a few days based on new scientific suggestions.

It has been found that a number of Covid-19 vaccines are also safe for pregnant women; We hope that the way will be paved for our two vaccines as well. We urge the public to be a little more patient, especially as the vaccine is being developed in a very short time and it is important to be patient and to involve pregnant women in trials with general safety concerns in mind. Does not come.



Dr. Gularia : A number of countries have started vaccinating pregnant women. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been approved by the US FDA. Data related to covacin and covishield will also come soon; Some data is already available and we hope that in the next few days we will be able to get the complete data we need and also allow pregnant women in India to recognize the vaccination.

Question: Can breastfeeding mothers get the Covid-19 vaccine?
Dr. Paul: There are very clear guidelines in this regard that this vaccine is quite safe for breastfeeding women. There is no need to be afraid in any way. There is no need for mothers to stop or stop breastfeeding before and after vaccination.

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Question: Will I get enough antibodies after I get vaccinated?

Dr. Gularia: It is important to understand that the effectiveness of a vaccine should not be based solely on the amount of antibody produced. The vaccine protects in a number of ways - such as through antibodies, cell-mediated immunity and memory cells (which produce more antibodies when we are infected). When actually infected, more antibodies are made from the memory cell.

The data available so far show that the effectiveness of all vaccines - whether covacin, covishield or Sputnik - is more or less equal, so we cannot say whether this vaccine should be given or not, whatever vaccine is available in your area. Have.

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Dr. Paul: Some people seem to be thinking of having antibody tests after being vaccinated, but antibodies alone do not indicate a person's immunity, so there is no need for such a test. This is due to T-cells or memory cells; When we get vaccinated, certain changes occur, it becomes stronger and the resistance increases and T-cells cannot be detected in antibody tests, as they are found in the bone marrow, so we request everyone He should not have antibody tests before or after vaccination, take whatever vaccine is available, take both doses at the right time and follow the right practices for covid, and people should not be under the illusion that covid-19 has occurred. They do not need to be vaccinated if they are gone.

Question: Is blood clotting a common problem after taking the vaccine dose?

Dr. Paul: Very few cases of this problem have been reported, especially in those who have been vaccinated with Astra-Zeneca. This problem was seen in Europe, where their youth, especially because of their lifestyle, body and genetic structure, had this problem to some extent, but I want to assure you that we have systematically examined the data in India and found that such blood clots The problems of going here are almost negligible - so there is no need to worry about it. In European countries, the problem is almost 30 times greater than in our country.


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Dr. Guleria : It has been observed in the past that the number of such blood clotting problems after surgery in the Indian population is much less than in the United States and European countries. This side effect is known as the problem of thrombosis or thrombocytopenia caused by the vaccine, which is rare in India and has very few cases in India compared to Europe, so there is no need to panic. Treatments for this are also available, so that such treatments can be adopted if diagnosed early.

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Question: If I have covid, how many days later can I get the covid vaccine?

Dr. Gularia: A recently released guideline makes it clear that a person infected with Kovid-19 can be vaccinated three months after the date of recovery. Doing so will help them to strengthen their immunity and the effect of the vaccine will be even better.

Both experts - Dr. Paul and Drs. Guleria also said and assured that our vaccines are effective on mutants found in India to this day. He dismissed reports circulating on social media that our immune system weakens after vaccination or that a person dies after being vaccinated. He said such rumors were rife, especially in rural areas and some inland areas.

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