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An elephant sits on a car moving in the forest, the driver did it out of fear જુઓ see what the driver did to escape here

There was an incident in a national park in Thailand that annoyed everyone. The elephant sat on a moving car. The driver of the car got so frightened that he ran at speed which saved his life. This video is going very viral on social media. This is the first time such an incident has taken place in this national park in Thailand.

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Watch the video here

ગુજકારતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

The 35-year-old elephant was walking on the road in the national park, when a car came on the road he tried to sit on it. Just like an elephant puts its whole body on the car, the driver ran away from the car. When I went ahead and saw the car, the rear windshield was broken and the car was crushed.

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