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Assam:The mechanic made a luxury car Lamborghini from an old Swift car after watching a video on YouTube

People from far and wide come to see Nurul's Lamborghini car and take selfies with it

It took Nurul eight months and Rs 6.2 lakh to fulfill his dream
He could not take a car worth crores of rupees but he built it with his own skills

It is not necessary to buy expensive things just by spending money, these things can also be made with one's own talent. A motor mechanic in Assam has built his own luxury car Lamborghini. Nurul Haque transformed an old Maruti Swift car so well that he made a Lamborghini car out of it. The Swift car has now become the Italian luxury car Lamborghini. He watched videos on YouTube to make this car.

Nurul to build Ferrari from old car
Nurul, 30, works as a motor mechanic in Karimganj district of Assam. He spent Rs 6.2 lakh to build a Lamborghini car. Nurul already had a hobby of driving sports cars. In the next project he wants to build a Ferrari car.

Nurul has his own garage
Nurul said, "My dream was to build a luxury car and drive it." I really like Lamborghini cars. Finally I turned the old Maruti Swift into my dream car. Nurul also has his own garage. His name is N Maruti Care.

Nurul had to stop his work in the first wave of Corona, which worked to build cars in the lockdown . Instead of sitting at home, Navra learned to make luxury car parts by watching videos on YouTube and using his time to build a Lamborghini car with his own hard work and skill.

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It took Nurul 8 months to build a Lamborghini car. He initially started making parts of the Lamborghini model by watching videos on YouTube. "I know the price of a Lamborghini car," Nurul said. I can't buy a car worth crores but I can make my dream car certain. Nurul has recently become a local celebrity. People are coming to take selfies near his Lamborghini car.

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