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Auda issued a tender for a survey of the need for the Olympics; More than Rs 50,000 crore will be spent

Auda issued a tender for a survey of the need for the Olympics; More than Rs 50,000 crore will be spent

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3 months report on requirements for stadium, games village, hotel
Amit Shah had hinted at the ground breaking ceremony of Sardar Patel Sports Complex, now the government has started preparations.
India's efforts were for 2032, but as Brisbane's claim becomes stronger, efforts will now be made for 2036

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The government has started preparations for the next 2036 Olympics to be held in Ahmedabad. The city of Brisbane in Australia is currently considered a strong contender for the 2032 Olympic Games. The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) will then appoint an agency to survey the city's infrastructure, including sports complexes and hotels, so that Ahmedabad can be a contender for the 2036 Olympics. A tender has been issued for the same. The agency will conduct a survey in three months and report missing items for the Olympics.

report will provide details of all the requirements for stadiums, hotels, games village, roads, transport, power, sanitation, etc. for games and training in Ahmedabad as the host. It will also estimate the budget provisions required to set up these facilities. Earlier, IOA president Batra had said that Ahmedabad could be a contender for the 2036 Olympics.

Amit Shah, who is capable of hosting the Ahmedabad Olympics, said that in
February 2021, in the presence of President Ramnath Kovind, the world's largest Narendra Modi cricket stadium in Ahmedabad and the Sardar Patel Sports Complex at a cost of Rs 4,600 crore were also announced. During the ground-breaking ceremony of the complex, Home Minister Amit Shah said that Ahmedabad could host the Olympics in six months, given its preparations. Within five months of this statement, Auda has begun the necessary preparations to host the Olympics.


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Booked until 2028 Olympic Venue
Cities have been decided by 2028 to host the Olympics. The 2020 Olympics were to be held in Tokyo, which will be held in 2021 due to Kovid. While the 2024 Games will be held in Paris, the 2028 Games will be held in Los Angeles. The IOC has declared Brisbane, Australia as the preferred venue for 2032. However, the final bid will open in July 2021.



All that needs to be done is to build world class stadiums, security arrangements, hotels

A state-of-the-art Games Village easily accessible from the Sardar Patel Sports Complex.
World-class stadiums can be built to host the Olympics.
Construction of hotels and houses for the stay of thousands of sportspersons, officials, tourists. Wide roads with transportation facilities.

This will be an advantage - Ahmedabad will develop, thousands of people will get employment, business

The planning of the Olympics will lead to tremendous development in and around Ahmedabad.
Gujarat will end up on the world map due to tourism. The youth of Gujarat will become aware of sports.
Industries, including hotels and real estate, will be encouraged and thousands of people will be employed locally.

'A report on preparations for the Olympics is being prepared' - Auda CEO A.B. Gore Bhaskar - What has Auda started preparing for the Olympics? CEO - Gap analysis is required if the Olympics are to be held in the future. That is why Auda is anchoring at the initial stage. Bhaskar - What could this gap analysis be for? CEO - How many sports facilities are there if games are held in Sardar Patel Sports Complex area and another has to be set up. A report on how many non-sports facilities, infrastructure, hotels, roads and other facilities are required will be prepared in three months. The Gandhinagar area may also be included. Bhaskar - For what year are you preparing to host the Olympics? CEO - The only thing I can say right now is that this is a study to know the requirements for the Olympics.

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