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Baby in 100 feet deep borewell ... LIVE

Baby in 100 feet deep borewell ... LIVE 

A 6-year-old boy fell into a 100-foot-deep borewell while playing in front of his house in Agra on Monday morning. 

The child playing together informed the family about this. Police have already launched a rescue operation to rescue the child. 

Oxygen and food items are delivered inside the borewell by tying a rope. The army has reached for rescue. Apart from that, an NDRF team has also been called from Ghaziabad.

The incident took place in Nibohar's home village. Here Chhota Lal's son Shiva was playing outside the house at 6 am on Monday. In the meanwhile he fell into a borewell pit while playing. The child playing with her ran and informed her family. Soon the whole village was gathered together. SP Grameen Ashok Venkat also rushed to the spot. An attempt was made to rescue the child together with the team. The villagers have been evacuated away from the borewell.

Army Parabrigade in Agra launches rescue
District Collector Prabhu Narayan said he has sought help from NDRF. But it will take time for the team to come to Ghaziabad. So help is being sought with the Army Para Brigade in Agra. The team has reached the scene. There are two ambulances and two JCBs, doctors are also present at the scene. A magistrate has been sent there. Oxygen is being delivered to the baby.

Knowing the condition of the child by throwing the rope, the
family members have tried to talk to Shiva by throwing the rope into the pit. When Shiva pulled the rope, people hoped that he was alive. Efforts were then made to rescue him. The family is in a critical condition after the incident.

Health department
joins rescue The health department team sent oxygen and food supplies to the borewell. Police have started the rescue operation by removing the crowd from the spot. A team of experts has gathered to dig out a pit and get the child out of the way. No information has been provided by the officials so far. But their insider suggests that the rescue could take 2-3 days.

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Due to the negligence of the family members
, it is believed that the incident took place when Chhotelal's family removed the pipe from the borewell and dumped it in another borewell. But carelessly forgot to turn it off. Now he is sad that if the borewell had been closed, this accident would not have happened. MLA Jitendra Verma has also reached the spot.

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