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Banaskantha farmer solves water problem by recharging wells at a cost of up to Rs 1 lakh, 10 farmers succeed in two months

Water storage: 

Any farmer can recharge wells and bores in his own way

There are many villages in Palanpur, Vadgam and Dantiwada talukas of Banaskantha where the ground water level is falling below 1000 feet and on the other hand there is also a lack of facilities for irrigation. Then some farmers have succeeded by recharging their own wells and bores and other farmers are also waiting for water storage.


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There are many villages in Banaskantha district where farming is possible only if there is good rainfall during monsoon. With water tankers having to be filled by tankers for livestock, the farmers, fed up with the cries of water, have now come up with a new experiment with the motto of quality hard work Zindabad.

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10 farmers recharge wells in
Bharakwada village The elders and youth of Bharakwada village held a meeting and considered how to recharge the old wells. Then first of all a farmer named Haribhai Galav showed readiness to recharge a well in his farm, in which at a cost of Rs. Then other farmers of the village started a campaign to recharge their wells. In two months, about 10 farmers have succeeded in recharging their wells by pouring rain water into their wells.


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The wells
burst in the first rains. In Bharakwada village, about ten farmers had set up a system to recharge the wells. As soon as the first rains fell in the district this year, the wells were flooded and the farmers were overjoyed. Param Pujya Pandurang Shastri said in 1980 that if we recharge the water we take from inside Mother Earth and return it to Mother Earth, the debt of Mother Earth will be paid.

 With this idea, the farmers took up this campaign in such a difficult time. He was worried that the farmers' bore had been failing for some time. Now seeing no other hope for the farmers, he launched a campaign to recharge the old wells in his farm. In the last two months, about 10 farmers of Bharakwada village have made arrangements for direct discharge of rain water into their farms. Recharging old wells will also raise the water level in farmers' farms.

In this campaign started by the farmers of Bharkawada village, Mittalben Patel of an organization who was a small farmer could not afford it. He helped them through the organization and contributed to this campaign. Now farmers from other villages are also joining the campaign.

How is the well recharged?
To recharge the well, the farmer first has to choose the place where the rain water collects near his field or where the stream flows from. A chamber of RCC is made where water collects. A pipe is placed in it and carried to the well. The chamber is filled with stone grit so that the water is purified and goes into the well. The farmer can recharge his wells and bores by building this system at normal cost.

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