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Beginning of monsoon:Kerala floods in first rains of the season, Skymet predicts 103% rainfall this year

Beginning of monsoon:Kerala floods in first rains of the season, Skymet predicts 103% rainfall this year

The first monsoon entered the Andamans on May 21

The monsoon has reached Kerala. All its criteria have been met. The season section will give its full details shortly. The conditions for the arrival of the southwest monsoon in Kerala started a few days ago. However this time the monsoon is 2 days later than the time. Private agency Skymet has already predicted that this time the rainfall will be 103 percent higher than normal.

The first monsoon entered the Andamans on May 21. After crossing half of Sri Lanka and Maldives on May 27, the northern border of the monsoon remained in the Comorin Sea for 7 days due to lack of strong winds. Now though the conditions are favorable.

However this time the monsoon is 2 days late. Kerala, on the other hand, has been receiving pre-monsoon rains for the last four days. A satellite image here on Wednesday showed clouds in coastal areas and the nearby southeastern Arabian Sea. The Meteorological Department (IMD) says that the distribution of rainfall in Kerala has increased. Winds are blowing in the lower layers of the South Sea.

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Such are the criteria for monsoon advertising

About 60 per cent of the 14 season centers in Kerala, Lakshadweep and Karnataka should receive more than 2.5 mm of rainfall for two consecutive days after May 10.
The westerly winds began to blow at an altitude of four and a half km above the ground level, with wind speeds near the ground level reaching 30-35 hours per hour.
The thickness of the clouds is so great that the radiation from the ground to the sky drops to less than 200 watts per square meter.

For the third year in a row, there will be good rains.
This time the monsoon is expected to be normal. According to Skymet, an average of 907 millimeters could fall in India between June and September this year. India can receive an average of 880.6 km of rainfall in four months, which is called the Long Period Average (LPA).


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Skymet runs the gamut. That is, this figure of rainfall is considered to be 100 per cent. 907 mm of rain is expected this year. Rainfall is expected to be 103 percent during the monsoon in 2021. Rainfall ranging from 96 percent to 104 percent is said to be better than normal. The figure was 110 per cent in 2019 and 109 per cent in 2020. This means that this is the third year in a row that good rains will benefit.


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In Madhya Pradesh, 3-4 days of pre-monsoon
rains arrive in Orange Alert MP on June 17 every year and in Bhopal around June 20. This time too it is likely to arrive on time. Weather expert K Shukla says if the monsoon progresses, it will arrive on time.

According to the forecast issued by the weather center, it is likely to rain in many places in Madhya Pradesh, including Bhopal, in the next three-four days. An orange alert has also been issued for him.

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Rajasthan breaks 20-year record in
Jaipur Jaipur has broken the 20-year low in early June. In Jaipur, the lowest temperature recorded in early June was a 20-year record. Here on Wednesday the daytime mercury was 30.2 degrees. The first recorded temperature was 39.8 degrees on June 1, 2001. In the coming days, including Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Bharatpur, Ghaulpur, Dausa, Dungarpur, Jhunjhunun, Sikar, Karauli, Sawai, Maghopur, Tonk, Barmer, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Hanumangarh, Sriganganagar, Zalor and Is.

Rains and
snowfall in Himachal damaged crops including apples Shimla in Himachal Pradesh was lashed by rains with strong winds on Wednesday afternoon. Fruits, including apples, were damaged by hail and rain in the upper region near Shimla amid a yellow alert from the weather department.

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According to the meteorological department, the weather will be bad till June 5 in the high-altitude hilly areas of the state, including Shimla, and June 4 in the high-altitude areas. The weather in the plains is expected to remain clear till June 8.

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Manmohan Singh, director, Meteorological Center, Shimla, said the western disturbances have changed the weather patterns in the state. Because of this the heat effect in the plains is almost gone. The weather will be clear in the plains for a week now.

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