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Big news:CM Rupani took another important decision due to declining cases, effective from June 7

Amid declining cases of corona virus in Gujarat, Chief Minister Rupani has taken another important decision.
➡️Important decision of the State Government 
➡️100 percent staff approval in private office 
➡️Decision to reduce Corona's case
The second wave of corona is slowly receding in India 
The entire country, including Gujarat, is facing another wave of Corona virus. Due to the increasing number of cases of the virus in March and April, some restrictions were imposed across India. In Gujarat too, when restrictions like partial lockdown were imposed, now the rules are being gradually relaxed and the process of unlocking has also been started in different states of India.

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➡️ Corona caused cuts

in staff in offices

In Gujarat, restrictions were imposed in most cities to curb the corona virus case, which is now being lifted. Private companies in Gujarat were allowed to work with only 50% attendance. The practice of work from home was also introduced in government offices. After a long work from home, Gujarat offices will now have the same atmosphere as before.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

CM Rupani took a big decision today Corona virus cases are steadily declining in Gujarat. 

The state government on Friday took another big decision as night curfew and day trade have been eased by the Gujarat government due to declining corona virus cases. Government offices and private offices are now allowed to employ 100 per cent staff. From June 7, Gujarat offices will be working at full capacity. It has also been decided to resume government offices on Saturday tomorrow.

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