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Bio-medical waste doubled in second wave of Corona, 10,000 kg of waste is generated in Ahmedabad city in a day

Medical waste:   Bio-medical waste doubled in second wave of Corona, 10,000 kg of waste is generated in Ahmedabad city in a day

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The companies that received 10,000 kg of bio-medical waste per day in the first wave of Corona saw more than 20,000 kg of waste in the second wave.

Medical waste collecting care BMW, Polio Care, Medicare and Ecoli Waste have been awarded contracts for disposal of medical waste from the city's Kovid hospitals. If every company collects two-and-a-half thousand kilos of bio-medical waste in a day, only 10,000 kilos of bio-medical waste of Kovid comes out of Ahmedabad in a day. Environmentalists say that if the amount of biomedical waste has increased due to corona, then an action plan is needed for disposal of biomedical waste by the GPCB. Whether waste collector companies dispose of waste properly requires a study of the virus that spreads from waste.

PPE kits, masks and disposable items are destroyed by burning at a temperature of 1,000 degrees.
Corona biomedical waste is disposed of in two ways, autoglare and incarnation. AutoGlare disinfects and shreds materials such as plastic, rubber and glass, which are then cut into small pieces and given to recyclers. While in the incineration process medical waste is incinerated at a temperature of 1000 degrees.

Blending Domestic Waste into Bio-Waste Hazardous
Environmentalist Mahesh Pandya said that there is a risk of spreading the virus by collecting bio-medical waste from patients' homes in home isolation and mixing it with domestic waste. The GPCB needs to study whether corona infections are spread due to biomedical waste.

Notice to non-compliant companies
GPCB's Vijay Rakholia said that as per GPCB norms, there are companies with the capacity to burn 87,600 kg of bio-medical waste per day, out of which 34,000 kg of bio-medical waste is incinerated daily. Notice is given to the company which does not follow the rules of GPCB.

A company emits 25 tons of ash. The
virus can spread from the items used in the Corona epidemic so it has to be destroyed by the incineration process. The ashes after burning the covid waste are sent to the dumping yard. 20-25 tons of ash is released every month.

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