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Can you select 3watermelons to get asum of 30?


A math puzzle involving watermelons has left the internet mystified.

Trying to find the answer to this ‘simple’ looking math’s puzzle, many users pointed out a fundamental inconsistency in the question. “Not possible because all are odd numbers and a sum of three odd numbers can never be an even number (30)," wrote a user in his response. While another jokingly suggested that these watermelons should be eaten to eliminate the ‘problem’ here.

Can you select 3watermelons to get asum of 30?

Been a while so why not ... try this one

However, some of the users soon pointed out that the watermelon which apparently had the number 9 written on it was placed upside down and it actually was number 6. This made an ‘apparent’ wrong question easy to solve and it turns out, you should not always rush for an answer before scanning the question properly.


Yes All watermelons are placed in same style except the one with 9. So arrange it in the same format as others, it will become 6. Therefore Answer will be 11+13+6= 30😊😊


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Mathematic puzzles and riddles are quite popular on social media and evoke a lot of engagement online. Often these simple-looking ‘problems’ go viral with people trying to find the right answers.

In another instance, a math riddle based on ‘eggs’ had gone viral. The riddle here posed a simple question asking people to find answers

Here’s the riddle, “If I had 4 eggs, and a thief gave me 3 and my rooster laid 5 more How many do I have?"

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