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Captivating sand springs in the desert of Rajasthan, wind speed 30 to 40 km. As soon as these springs start flowing like a river

Sand springs: 

A stream of sand flowing in the desert.

Sandstorms are flowing here in Barmer with strong winds blowing on hot days

We may all have seen the springs of water flowing from the mountains, but today we are showing you the captivating views of the sand springs flowing in Rajasthan. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Our team also made this captivating video of watching the sand stream when we reached the spot. This can only be seen in the desert lands of Rajasthan.

A stream of sand flowing from the hills.

Let me tell you that this view is of the famous Mahabar Dhoro, about 10 km away from the Barmer district headquarters. Sandstorms can be seen here with strong winds blowing on hot days, when the wind speed is about 30 to 40 kmph.

In such a scorching heat, looking at these springs of sand from a distance, it seems as if a stream of water is flowing. While the hurricane blowing in the desert has disrupted the lives of the surrounding villagers. People say that sand levels are freezing in the houses due to this hurricane. Because of this people are facing difficulties.

Ashok Singh, a resident of the village, said that it was very hot and hot. The sand dunes begin to flow, hanging with the scorching sun and wind. Babusinh, a resident of the village, said that with the heat in May-June, the loo also blows. With strong winds, the sand falls slowly from the hills, making it seem as if a velvet sand stream is flowing.

The sand falls down from the sand dunes due to strong winds in Barmer.

According to Radheshyam Sharma, Director , Jaipur Meteorological Department, the sand on the sand hills in Barmer rises due to wind speed and in some parts the sand falls due to high load. These sand particles are slightly larger in size and also heavier. Because of this it flows downwards.

A sandstorm at 80-90 kmph hit
Barmer at 11 pm. It has been getting very hot in Barmer for the last five days. This is the eighth sandstorm to hit Barmer so far. The sandstorm came at a speed of about 80-90 km per hour around 11 pm. Many power poles fell down due to the storm. In addition, a large number of trees have fallen.

Dusty skies over the sky after a sandstorm late Thursday night.

The temperature in Barmer has been around 41 degrees for the last three days

On June 1, the maximum temperature was 41.8 degrees Celsius and the minimum was 28.4 degrees Celsius

On June 2, the maximum temperature was 41.8 degrees Celsius and the minimum was 29.4 degrees Celsius

On June 3, the maximum temperature was 38.8 degrees Celsius and the minimum was 22.4 degrees Celsius

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