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CBSE 12 Result Formula:A 13-member committee will submit a report to the Supreme Court.

CBSE 12 Result Formula:A 13-member committee will submit a report to the Supreme Court.

A 13-member committee of the CBSE board formed to prepare the 12th standard result submitted its report to the Supreme Court on Thursday. In it, the board has stated its formula for declaring the result. According to the board, the final result of 10th, 11th and pre-board standard of 12th standard will be based on the final result. Separate arrangements will be made for the students who want to appear for the examination. If all goes well, the result will be given by July 31.

Giving details of preparation of result in 12th, CBSE has said that the best marks in 3 out of 5 subjects in 10th standard will be calculated. Similarly, the average of five subjects in 11th standard will be calculated and the number of 12th standard pre-board exam or practical exam will be calculated. The result will be decided on the basis of 30% marks in 10th and 11th and 40% marks in 12th standard.

Earlier, the apex court had given two weeks to decide the formula for the CBSE result. The board then formed a 13-member committee on June 4. He was to submit his report on June 14 in 10 days.

3 arguments of the panel on the 30 ઃ 30 ઃ 40 formula

1. The panel members said that we have held discussions with the Navodaya Vidyalayas, CBSE, its affiliated schools and other schools run by the Center. It has come to light that this time the bench of 12 is completely online. There are many uncertainties due to this. The classes did not go as planned and the assignment could not be completed.

2. It is not appropriate for the panel to prepare the result only on the basis of 12 assignments. We also have to check the performance of the students under normal conditions. The 10th performance is very important. This is the most reliable data that CBSE has taken at its examination centers and its assessment has been released. Similarly, the 11th exam was also held before the lockdown. All these exams are done in different conditions.

3. The committee is thinking of giving more importance to 12. But overall, a 30-30 per cent weightage of 10-11 and a 40 per cent weightage of 12 can be agreed upon. However, some members are talking about giving more weightage to 10th and 11th. Some schools agree. There is no final word yet.

Formula summary submitted to the Supreme Court

Marcus is to be uploaded by June 28.
According to sources, the principals of the schools affiliated to CBSE have informed the committee that they are in a position to give the number of examinations taken in Std. 10, 11 and 12 in 2020-21. No offline test and practical was taken in schools in Mumbai last year. And no classes were even taken. Schools which have not been able to take the practical are allowed to take the online practical and oral examination. Apart from this, instructions have also been given to upload the internal mark of standard 12 on the system of CBSE by June 28.

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The PM canceled the exams on June 1.
Earlier, amid the Corona epidemic, the central government canceled the standard 12 board exams across the country on June 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the cancellation of the exam and said that the result of standard 12 would be prepared within the stipulated time and on a logical basis. The big question in such a situation is on what basis the students will be assessed.

Notably, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) canceled the standard 12 examinations in view of Koro's transition. Now the board has to come up with a marking policy for standard 12 students. A suggestion to give grades instead of marks to CBSE board students is being considered, a board official said.

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