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Big News / When will the school-college open in Gujarat? Find out what the Education Minister answered

What will happen to Gujarat Board exam:  CBSE exam canceled due to PM's appeal, Gujarat government is now in confusion, whether to take GSEB exam or not?

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It could be discussed and reconsidered at tomorrow's cabinet meeting
Repeaters of NSUI Std-10 will meet the Minister of Education to demand cancellation of the examination

The Central Government has canceled the CBSE Std-12 examination this year. The decision was taken at an important meeting chaired by PM Modi on Tuesday. The Prime Minister said that the safety of all students is our priority. It is not appropriate to stress the exam to the students in this environment. We cannot risk their lives.

On the other hand, at 5 pm on Tuesday, the Gujarat Board has hastily announced the timetable for the standard 12 science and general stream examinations without waiting for the decision of the CBSE examination. Two hours after the announcement of this timetable, the Central Government canceled the CBSE exam. The only question on everyone's mind is what will happen to the Gujarat Board exam now?

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Following CBSE, GSEB canceled Std. 10 examination.
Earlier, CBSE's Std. 10 examination was canceled last April. After that, the Gujarat government in May. It was decided to give mass promotion to about 8.60 lakh students of 10 due to Corona epidemic.

Gujarat's education department also on the
move After PM Modi's decision to cancel CBSE exams, now the Gujarat Secondary Education Board may also reconsider the matter. Gujarat's education department has also come under fire after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a reason for not taking exams at the risk of children's lives. Following PM Modi's appeal, Gujarat Secondary Education Board is now in a dilemma as to whether to take the exam or not, as the Board of Education has also announced the schedule of Std-10 repeater and Std-12 examination today.

Serious discussions have started in the government and education board. Serious discussions have started in
Gujarat government, education department and education board in this matter. According to sources, tomorrow's cabinet meeting is likely to reconsider the current situation in Corona based on the Prime Minister's appeal, based on the views of parents, students and campus administrators.

Time table of Std.12 Science

10-JulyLanguage Papers

CBSE demands cancellation of Std-12 examination CBSE demands cancellation of Std-12 examination Gujarat Board also demands cancellation of the examination and said that Gujarat government should also review. The education department should reconsider.

Time table of Std. 10 repeaters

1-JulyPapers of languages
6-JulySocial Science
8-JulySecond language

Give mass promotion to Std. 10 repeater students also: NSUI
Gujarat Board has announced examination program for Std. 12 as well as Std. 10 repeater students. While regular promotion of standard 10 students has been given mass promotion. But NSUI has demanded mass promotion with protest against repeat students of Std-10. NSUI will also make representations to the Minister of Education in this regard.

What about the future of repeater students?
In this regard, the State Minister of Youth Congress and NSUI spokesperson Subhan Syed said that if the regular students of Std-10 have passed, then why the examination of Std-10 repeater students is being held? What about the future of repeater students when it comes to removing the board from Std-10 from next year? The government has a double policy, so repeat students of Std-10 should also be given mass promotion. We will also make representations and protests to the Minister of Education in this regard.

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