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Cheti judges will have to share misinformation on Twitter

 Cheti judges will have to share misinformation on Twitter

Twitter will alert its users to incorrect information and correct information. Twitter is coming up with three new labels soon. Through these labels, Twitter will convey the correct information to its users.

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 This information was given by the researcher of the app Jane Manchun Wong by tweeting. He said Twitter 3 will bring new warning labels. Let us know what is this label?

Get The Latest

If anyone wants any information through Twitter Get The Latest app, when they tweet, they can get the information through the Get The Latest option below it.

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Another option is Stay Informed, which will let you know about the concept that is going on on Twitter.


The third option is Misleading, in which if any information is being misrepresented to you, Twiiter will give you the option of misleading.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

These features will come soon

Twitter has not yet announced how long this label feature will last. Twitter is also working on a BluePad subscription. This feature allows you to change your app's icon and even delete tweets. Twitter is constantly updating every state of Kovid-19 so that users can stay up to date with it.

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