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Chinese troops unable to withstand Indian troops, 90% of Chinese troops return due to severe cold

Chinese troops evacuated:  

The Chinese troops could not withstand the bitter cold

In the freezing cold in the Pangong Lake area of ​​eastern Ladakh, Chinese troops have had to retreat against Indian troops. China had deployed a large number of its troops around the LAC in the eastern Ladakh sector. But the Chinese troops could not withstand the severe cold in the area. According to media reports, 90 percent of the People's Liberation Army personnel have returned. Other soldiers have been deployed in their place.

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According to the news agency ANI, China has replaced the troops stationed there over the past year and replaced them with new ones. Due to the severe cold in the area, about 90 percent of its troops have been evacuated.


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Rotation of soldiers due to extreme cold
According to media reports, the rotation of soldiers is due to extreme cold and other related problems. According to sources, the Dragon's troops are not in a position to withstand the cold, which has badly affected the Chinese army. Sources said high-altitude posts of Chinese troops were also being changed daily during the deployment at the Friction Point in the Pangong Lake area. Due to this their movement was very restricted.


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The Indian Army also deploys troops in the highlands for two years.
In fact, the Indian Army deploys its troops in the highlands for a period of two years. Every year, the Indian Army sends about 40-50 per cent of its troops from the hinterland to the areas above it. In these circumstances, the tenure of ITBP personnel is sometimes longer than two years.

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Last year, there was a clash between the soldiers of the two countries. Let me
tell you that the two soldiers came face to face over the border dispute that erupted in eastern Ladakh last year. For the first time in 45 years, there was a bloody clash between the two countries, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 45 Chinese soldiers were killed. The matter came to a head after talks between the Indian and Chinese armies and the two countries reached their respective positions. There have been 11 rounds of talks between the two countries' armies so far.

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