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Terrorists have once again tried to target military territory by drones.

Conspiracy to attack military bases again:A day after the drone attack at the Jammu Air Force station, two drones appeared at the Kalchuk military base and disappeared in the dark after Army firing.

Terrorists have once again tried to target military territory by drones. The terrorists tried to attack the military station on the second day of the drone attack on the airport station in Jammu. According to sources, two drones were spotted at the Kaluchak military station in Jammu. However, the army was on alert and as soon as the drone appeared, the army fired 20-25 rounds at it. The drones disappeared into the dark after the army opened fire.

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The drones were spotted at the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) military base at 11.30pm and 1.30am on Sunday, according to DD News. Since then the army has been on alert. The drone disappeared after the firing. The army is currently conducting a search operation to investigate the drone.

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There were
two blasts at the Jammu Air Force Station late on Sunday night. The first blast occurred at 1.37 pm and the second 5 minutes later at 1.42. According to the Air Force, the capacity of both blasts was very low, so the first blast hit one roof, so the roof was damaged, while the second blast occurred in the open. Two soldiers sustained minor injuries in the blast. This is the first time that terrorists have attacked by drone. The incident is now being investigated by the NIA.

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Drone-Attack Risk Less
Attack by drone does not have to cost more in training. The risk of drone attack is also less compared to attack on the ground. Drones can fly at very high altitudes, making them less likely to be caught by radar. Under such circumstances, it is not viewed with suspicion. The terrorist organization may use this trick again.

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