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Corona alarm created by scientists, infections can now be identified in minutes


Scientists in Britain have created this device

The device, developed by British scientists, will detect any infection in a room within 15 minutes.

Corona has scared people all over the world. The symptoms of corona are also so common that even if a person sneezes or coughs, people now walk two feet away. In these circumstances it is difficult to tell whether a person is infected with corona or has a common cold-cough. Usually so far a rapid test is done to see if a person has a corona to get an immediate result. 

In addition, the RTPCR also checks whether the person is infected with corona. However, RTPCR results are available after 24 hours and the rapid test is not considered 100% reliable. Meanwhile, British scientists have developed an alarm system that can easily identify a person infected with the corona.

British scientists claim to have created a ceiling-mounted covid alarm. If there is a person infected with Corona in the room, it will be known in 15 minutes.

This device will now be used in various locations

According to a report in The Sunday Times, the technology, which identifies corona infections, is expected to be helpful in screening aircraft cabins, classrooms, care centers, homes and offices in the near future. This machine will be slightly larger in shape than a smoke alarm. Preliminary results from research conducted by scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Durham have been promising.

This device is more effective than lab-antigen tests

The device is said to be 98-100 percent reliable in results, scientists said during testing. This device can more accurately report corona infections than PCR lab-based Covid-19 tests and antigen tests.

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The sensor, developed by the Cambridgeshire firm Robosyntific, identifies infections with chemicals produced by the skin. The result is given by this machine by examining the chemical present in the breath of a person infected with the corona virus. This sensor produces a very subtle smell of 'volatile organic compounds' to be sniffed by the human nose. A chapter from the Covid Alarm Research team suggests that dogs can also be identified. However this alarm can get better results.

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