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Corona began preparations for the rathyatra where he had not gone; Route-scary buildings, broken roads reviewed

Police preparing for rath yatra:  Corona began preparations for the rathyatra where he had not gone; Route-scary buildings, broken roads reviewed

The rath yatra had to be canceled last year due to Corona. (File photo)

Work has also been started on the route of the Rathyatra, including installation of Dhaba Point, CCTV cameras.

The government has not yet officially announced whether the Ashadhi II rath yatra will take place in the city on July 12, but the temple trustee board and city police have started preparations for the rath yatra. Police and Mun. Officers on Monday reviewed the route of the rathyatra, scary buildings, broken roads.

In Ahmedabad, the city police usually start preparations for the rathyatra just 2 months before Lord Jagannath's rathyatra, but this year the rathyatra could not be canceled due to the Corona epidemic. As part of the police muni. Together they inspected the entire route of the rathyatra.

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The state government did not make an official announcement.
City police and municipal officials also reviewed the damaged roads on the route, obstructive pressure, and dangerous buildings and trees. Apart from this, the police has also started reviewing the operations including installation of Dhaba Point, CCTV cameras. Along with this, a list of police officers and employees who had earlier served in the rath yatra has also been started. However, on the one hand, the police have been talking about Corona's guideline till now, but now the same police are involved in the preparations for the rathyatra. However, no official announcement has been made by the state government about the rath yatra so far.

If Rathyatra is held, will these rules be enforced?
1. Prohibition on gatherings, celebrations
Many temples in the state are still closed due to Corona. It also bans public religious gatherings and public celebrations of festivals. Then the discussion started on how to get permission to take out the rathyatra.


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2. Only
50 people allowed in marriage, 20 in death Only 50 people are allowed to be present in marriage and 20 people in death due to corona epidemic. If the rath yatra starts, about 1 lakh people join the rath yatra and millions of people flock to see it. Millions of people are expected to flock to Corona if the rath yatra takes place.

3. Night curfew, restrictions on trade
Lockdown due to Corona, then night curfew, then festival celebrations and elections, then business-employment shutdown again, these decisions have broken the backs of common men and traders. Still, because of Corona, people can't live their daily lives as they used to.

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