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Coronavirus:90,000 children infected with corona in two states, is this the third wave alert of corona

Lack of adequate technology and equipment in the country to help children cope with the corona virus

The second wave of Corona transition in the country has not even stopped completely yet and the entry of the third wave has shaken the whole country. The third wave had previously been feared to be dangerous for children. As per the current situation, if we look at the statistics of Corona, 90,000 children in two states of the country have been affected by Corona so far. In this way, it is being estimated that if two states have this condition, then what will be the condition of the whole country. In these circumstances, it is not wrong to say that a third wave has started in the country.

Ahmednagar statistics sleep blow
to the koronana Statistics said the media reports are even threatening the state of the third wave. In Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, 9,000 children have been infected in May alone. The growing case of corona in children has now put the health department to sleep. Preparations are now underway in various states in view of the growing case of corona in children.

The growing case of corona in children has now put the health department to sleep

37,000 children infected in
Telangana Corona cases among children are also on the rise in Telangana. Here during March-May 37,332 children have been rushed to Corona. Corona infection is seen in children from infancy to 19 years of age. According to the Telangana health department, the rapid spread of the infection among children is a matter of concern. Notably, 19,824 children were infected in Telangana from 15 August to 15 September 2020 during the first wave of corona.

The condition of Madhya Pradesh , where 12 thousand children had to be admitted to the hospital, is also deteriorating. In Madhya Pradesh, 54,000 children have been affected by the first and second wave of corona. They range from newborns to 18-year-olds. As the condition of corona among children in the state became serious, 12 thousand children needed to be hospitalized.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

According to the National Health Mission's Covid Positive Patient Line List report, 2699 children in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh have tested positive for corona so far. Of those, 32 per cent needed hospitalization, while 58 per cent recovered at home. About 600 children are currently in home isolation in Bhopal. 72 percent of children have beaten Corona.

In Dungarpur district alone, 512 children became infected in just 10 days

Condition worsens
in Dungarpur 512 children have been reported infected with covid in the last 10 days in Dungarpur, Rajasthan. Sangeeta Beniwal, chairperson of the Rajasthan State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, said such a large number of children being infected was being taken seriously. The condition of children is being viewed by doctors and experts as a third wave, he said. In Dungarpur district alone, 512 children are at risk of becoming infected in just 10 days.

There is no special ICU system for children in the country. If the
pediatricians are to be considered amidst the fear of a third wave, the situation could get out of control if the third wave spreads quickly. He said there was no special ICU system in the country for the treatment of children. Possibly, the children in the third wave may need it.

The country does not have adequate ICU system

At least 60 per cent of children in the third wave are at risk in the
country, according to a recent CERO survey. The percentage was 15 percent in the first wave, while more than 25 percent of children were infected with corona during the second wave. It is estimated that another 60 percent of the country's children are also at risk in the third wave of corona.

Will have an impact on mortality rates
, according to experts koronani have been infected with lots of other kids occupied. But the good thing is that the mortality rate was low during this time. However, it is believed that there will be no significant increase in mortality in the near future. However, child specialists say that the third wave of corona virus can have a worse effect on children.

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