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Cultivation of various vegetables and fruits by 40 years old hydroponics method without soil, this type of cultivation provides 100% nutrients.

New trend among Saurashtra farmers:  Cultivation of various vegetables and fruits by 40 years old hydroponics method without soil, this type of cultivation provides 100% nutrients.

Image of farming by hydroponics method

This method can be used to grow tomatoes, strawberries, eggplant, spinach

Vegetables and fruits can be grown indoors even without soil. A teacher of a private school in Rajkot has quit his job and has become self-sufficient by producing vegetables and fruits only with water using the hydroponics method. He read an article on the disadvantages of pesticides and came up with the idea of ​​growing vegetables using hydroponics method.

This method is 40 years old.
People can also use this hydroponics method to grow vegetables and fruits according to the space on the agaci. Planting with hydroponics method also eliminates the risk of cancer caused by pesticides. Nutrients are also found in excess. The hydroponics method is not new, but is 40 years old. With the help of hydroponics technology, many vegetables and fruits including tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, capsicum, chilli, karela, milk, cucumber, mint, spinach have been planted at home.

Vegetables including tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, capsicum, chilli, curry, milk, cucumber, mint, spinach can be grown at home.

What is the hydroponics method?
Hydroponics is the original Greek word, in which hydro means water and ponics means labor, i.e. growing fruits, flowers and vegetables in water instead of soil is called hydroponics. According to this method only 10 percent more water is required than land. Once the setup is prepared with a special type of pipeline, only nutrients and plant costs are negligible for its maintenance. This plant can be grown on the balcony or in the attic of the house. This method is being used in Israel, Germany, America and China.

Has spent Rs 12 lakh to Rs 13 lakh on 7 thousand square feet. Rasikbhai has set up two plants using hydroponics method, in which 5 thousand square feet and 2 thousand square feet. He has spent a total of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 13 lakh on these two plants. A third plant is currently in operation. The 5 thousand square feet plant produces more than 100 kg of vegetables daily and the 2 thousand square feet plant produces more than 70 kg of vegetables.

It is also claimed to have more nutrients than vegetables grown in the soil.

Employs 6 people Rasikbhai said that the price of my vegetables is Rs 150 per kg. There are 200 regular customers a day, who buy vegetables from me, as well as May 6 people I have hired and I am also providing employment to them. My target is to employ 15,000 people by 2035. I give free guidance to everyone who comes to my plant and encourage people to adopt this method. My family also helps me a lot in this farming.

Waiting for new residents of urban areas,
aside from urban areas said rasikabhaie farmland has been talking about non-farm land. In addition, it is difficult to find organic vegetables and fruits in urban areas without the use of nutrients and seeds. If this method is adopted then low cost, less space and organic vegetables are available. This farming tradition adopted by Rasikbhai from his home is a new hope for other farmers and residents of urban areas.

Everyone who comes to the plant is guided for free.

The new idea of ​​farming
Rasikbhai explains how he came up with the idea of ​​farming with this method. Peanut husks were later fed to cows, which had an effect on cow's blood and milk. A child drank this milk and got cancer. Later I started researching how to grow vegetables and other crops without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, in which I learned about hydroponics and then just continued working on it and I had success.

Basil crop boosts immunity in Corona Rasikbhai
was asked which crop you have planted in the current Corona epidemic which boosts people's immunity. “I planted a basil crop in Corona,” he said. The plants of this crop are like Tulsi. Consumption of this boosts the immune system of the people. Apart from vegetables, crops including cereals, groundnuts, cow fodder can be grown in the hydroponics system and a good product can also be taken. Hydroponics is an automatic system. I have also guided agriculture level PhD students in this regard. If water is stockpiled after one year of rains, it can be cultivated with hydroponics for the next five years, as it uses only 10 per cent water.

Organic vegetables are available in less space.

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Rasikbhai, who is currently researching bacteria, said that growing vegetables in the soil spreads many diseases, while growing vegetables with hydroponics method does not cause a single disease and also provides adequate nutrients. I am currently researching a bacterium that can alert to tomatoes 24 hours before the onset of the disease. It is my dream to take agriculture forward fast. Cow fodder produces 10 kg out of one kg, it contains 10 times more protein and vitamins. Nutrients are given in this method so that children do not get calcium deficiency in vegetables. People can also get information about the hydroponics method from a website called

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