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Dahod woman given oxygen-enhancing cocktail injection in Corona patient, one dose cost Rs 60,000

Gujarat's first case:  Dahod woman given oxygen-enhancing cocktail injection in Corona patient, one dose cost Rs 60,000

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The coronary artery oxygen level also increased to 98 within a mere 5 hours after the injection.
An experiment to give an antibody cocktail injection made by a Swedish company to a 54-year-old woman from Vadodara in Dahod was successful.

The first antibody cocktail injection given by former US President Donald Trump was first performed across the state on a Dahod woman undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Vadodara, which was successful. The experiment of giving the disease to a 54-year-old woman from Vadodara, originally from Dahod, has been successful.

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14 injections from the government came
after the experiment of giving these injections for quick recovery to people undergoing treatment for corona abroad got its green light in India as well, when 14 private hospital in Vadodara received 14 antibody cocktail injections on Thursday. The first injection in the state has been given to Varshaben Narendrabhai Parmar, a 54-year-old woman from Dahod tailor community living in Ellora Park, Vadodara with her son.


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20 percent had lung infection,
suffering from diabetes, according to information received, 400 were admitted to the girl on Thursday evening with an infection in the lungs of 20% of Vadodara Aman in a private hospital. The injection was given to the woman on Friday evening after doctors informed the woman's son and daughter-in-law of all the information about the injection. And in just 5 hours after taking this injection, the oxygen level of this woman has also increased to 98.

If the dose is given within 72 hours of the diagnosis of corona, the patient's risk is reduced by 75%.
The cost of a single dose of this injection is only Rs. But according to the information, only one dose of antibody cocktail injection made from a combination of two injections is effective to increase the level of oxygen in the coronary artery patient. And if the dose is given within 72 hours after coronary heart disease, the patient's risk is reduced by 75%.

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The doctor does injection to talk daughter-jamaie allowed to put it
in my daughter and son-in-law said Thursday Corona overly know my wife had taken him to the hospital in Vadodara Aman. At the same time the doctor talked about the injection, the daughter-in-law agreed to give it, and within 4-5 hours of taking the injection, my wife's reduced oxygen level rose to 98. In three days now my wife is quite healthy and in a day or two she will also be discharged. -Narendra Parmar, husband of the woman

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