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Deficiencies reported by experts in CBSE Std. 10 result pattern; Said- It is not appropriate to apply it in Std

Consideration on the result of Std. 12: 

Experts believe that not all schools have uniform basis for unit test and mid term exam

After the cancellation of CBSE Std. 12 examination, discussions have started on the result pattern. Education experts have started counting the defects in the pattern adopted for the result of the previously canceled Std. 10 examination. 

He says that this pattern cannot be applied in the result of Std. This can be very detrimental to students planning higher studies.

PM cancels exams on June 1.

Earlier, amid the Corona epidemic, the central government on Tuesday canceled the Std. 12 board exams across the country on June 1. Announcing the cancellation of the exam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the result of Std. 12 would be decided within the stipulated time frame and on a logical basis. The biggest question is on what basis the students will be assessed in the end.


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The result of
Std. 10 will be prepared from the internal assessment. Std. 10 examinations have already been canceled. A team of 5 members teachers has been formed in each school to prepare the result. This team will also prepare the result of Std. 10 on the basis of internal assessment.

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Unit tests and mid-term are not the same in all schools
Experts believe that not all schools have the same basis for unit tests and mid-term exams. Some schools conduct unit tests and pre-board exams more rigorously than board exams, while many schools require negligence.

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What the expert says

"We are only allowed to do two points plus or minus," said Tania Joshi, principal of The Indian School. This can be detrimental to students who achieve high scores, as internal exams are marked more rigorously than boards. From the data behind us, it is clear that more students score in the range of 70-80 per cent in the 80-mark paper as compared to the pre-board examination.
Regarding the problem of marking, Joshi said that the number of students in different categories for different subjects may be the same this year as compared to the reference year in the school, i.e. if the number of students getting more than 90 per cent marks in the reference year was 10, this year too by 90 per cent. A higher score band cannot have more than 10 students.
Amita Mohan, principal of Amity International School in Pushpa Vihar, says a moderation policy is essential. There are also cases where a student scored 33% marks in his pre-board, although he scored 65-70% marks in the board examination, so we recommend that the limit for increasing or decreasing the mark should be increased from 2 to 4.


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RPVP Surajmal Vihar Principal RP Singh said the moderation policy has been going on for a long time. My personal opinion is that for the results of the board, the results of Std. 11 should be considered, as far as the mark of Std. 10 is concerned, then CBSE should consider the main subjects of Std. 10 for the result of Std.
Meena Mittal, vice-principal of Shalimar Bagh-based Modern Public School, says that Std 10 students take their pre-board more seriously than Std 12 students, as Std 12 students have to appear in various competitive examinations in the meantime. If we give 40 per cent weightage to pre-board exams, the result of students achieving high scores along with the school-result will also be affected. Due to this the school cannot adopt the evaluation pattern of Std.10 for Std.12.

At present consider these 4 formulas for Std.12

1. The result of students will be evaluated on the basis of their performance in the last 3 years, i.e. the result of Std.9, 10 and 11 can be used as a basis.
2. Objective criteria will be prepared for Std.12 just like Std.10. If a student is not satisfied with the result given on the basis of internal assessment, he / she will be given an opportunity to take the exam. However, it will have to wait for the situation to improve.
3. The result of the students can be prepared on the basis of the board result of Std. 10 and the internal assessment of Std.
4. Result can be prepared on the basis of internal assessment of Std. 11 and 12.

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