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Do you know who wore this dress of a fairy tale character ?: 15 Efforts to save 7 million people from elephants; Such an electric boat now after the car

In the latest pics from around the world    :Do you know who wore this dress of a fairy tale character ?: 15 Efforts to save 7 million people from elephants; Such an electric boat now after the car

Princess Diana was much talked about in her time in Britain's royal family. The majestic dress she wore when she married Prince Charles in 1981 is currently on display at Kensington Palace in London. The exhibition started on Thursday and will run until January 2, 2022. An attempt was made to give a fairytale image in this dress. This dress by Princess Diana was designed by fashion designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel. The show also features another dress that was changed at the wedding. The couple broke up in 1992 after the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and divorced in 1996. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Winner pics of the Natural World Photography Contest

The finalist in the underwater category is from Antarctica. It is taken by Amos Nachaum. Leopard seals, octopuses, crabs and penguins eat everything, they say. I was just praying.

This picture of Louie's Blue Corner Reef became the winner in the underwater category. It is clicked by Yung-sen-woo. He said that after winning the confidence of the fish for 5 days, he was able to capture these scenes in the camera.

This picture of Nicholas Reusens has become a finalist in the category of birds. Ecuador has a large number of hummingbirds with sword-like beaks. "I've watched Hummingbird's cub training up close," says Nicholas.

The winners of the 2021 Big Picture Natural World Photography Contest have been announced. The online magazine Biographies and the California Academy of Sciences organize the contest every year. This year, as an entry, images were requested that show the Earth's biodiversity and the growing threats to the natural world.

Strive to stop 15 wild elephants from entering the city

People in a city in China are currently scared. No, they are not afraid of the corona but of the 15 wild elephants. Kunming is a city in China with a population of 7 million. A herd of 15 wild elephants has come close to the city after fleeing from a nature reserve in China and covering a distance of 500 km. Chinese officials are now trying to keep humans as well as these animals safe. All these wild elephants are sabotaging everything that comes in its way. In many places, traffic jams have been created and even the elephants are digging holes in the windows of some houses.

Electric cars will now have competitors

Stephen Van Dick, director of innovation at the Advanced Solutions Institute, an electric boat maker.

Talks of electric cars have been going on for a long time and now electric cars are also entering the market. But now electric cars also have to face competition. Because now the electric boat has also arrived. Amsterdam can be navigated by electric boat. There is a 100 km waterway here. An electric boat has been launched by the Advanced Solutions Institute. However, it is still a prototype of the electric boat, said Stephen Van Dyke, the company's director of innovation.

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