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Doctors and patients turned to tele-consulting during the Corona period, the number of people receiving treatment over the phone increased 15 times

Hello Doctor:  Doctors and patients turned to tele-consulting during the Corona period, the number of people receiving treatment over the phone increased 15 times

Now 15 patients call the doctor daily against 5 patients in the first week
Frequent drop in hospital visits due to fear of infection

Corona has changed people's lives, as well as the doctor's practice. Consulting and counseling online or by telephone has increased significantly over the past year. 

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Talking to Divya Bhaskar, doctors from different cities said that if you look at the trend two-three years ago, earlier only 5 patients were tele-consulting in a week, while now 5-15 patients are tele-consulting daily. This arrangement is coming in handy for both patients and doctors.

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What is tele-consulting?
Nowadays people usually seek treatment by talking on the phone or consulting a doctor through video-calling about a mild health complaint, but in reality the process of tele-consulting is different. Dhiren Shah, director of Sims Hospital, says just asking over the phone is not consulting. For this, the patient has to take a doctor's appointment first and give all the details of his previous report to the doctor. After studying the report, the doctor contacts and treats through video-calling or other means. A prescription for the drug is then also officially sent to him.

The director of Sims Hospital, Dr. Dhiren Shah.

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Koronae change the attitude towards treatment,
according to doctors, went to the tele-consulting kovida -19 is to change the old method. In severe cases, patients have resorted to over-the-counter treatment guidance and prescription medication over the phone instead of going to a real doctor. Fear of being infected in the time of Kovid led to a drastic reduction in the number of people rushing to the doctor in the hospital. Patients with mild symptoms of covid infection are treated by contacting the family physician over the phone and at home as per their advice.

Ahmedabad Family Physician Secretary Dr. Pragnesh Vachharajani.

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Daily 5-15 patients are on the phone Consulting
Ahmedabad Family Physician Dr. According to Pragnesh Vachharajani, if there is a general fever or other complaint, people seek treatment by talking on the phone. Thus for consulting Rs. Fees ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 1,000 are being charged. Prior to Corona, this type of tele-consulting was non-existent, with only 5 patients receiving tele-consulting based treatment in the previous week. But given the current time, only 5 to 7 patients a day can be treated by talking on the phone. On the other hand, in a corporate hospital, 10-15 patients are treated daily by tele-consulting.

IMA-Gujarat Joint Secretary Dr. Paresh Majumdar

Tele-consulting saves time
and money. Senior Pediatrician in Vadodara and Joint Secretary of Gujarat Medical Association Dr. "Some people are embracing the new concept," said Paresh Majumdar. Tele-consulting saves both patient-doctor time, no need to stay away from their other work to show the doctor. Some doctors use a mobile app. Where video calls are available, prescriptions are later sent to the app itself to maintain its authenticity. When a patient has to consult a doctor from one district to another and from one city to another, this method is very simple and saves costs.

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IMA-Surat President Dr. Hiral Shah

Hiral Shah, President, Surat Medical Association, says that in tele-consulting, it is very important to have accurate and proper communication between the patient and the doctor so that they can understand each other. Patients are taking guidance on the phone for problems like general body aches, fever. However once the patient is primarily guided, they are also advised to show up face to face if needed. The important thing is that earlier when calling for guidance on the phone did not count any kind of charge, but now with the change of time some patients are asking about the charge.

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Dr. Nimish Parikh working as a dentist in Rajkot

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This method may prove to be suitable for follow-up,
says Nimish Parikh, a dentist in Rajkot. However, only mild disease treatment is possible in tele-consulting. Chronic diseases such as diabetes can lead to complaints of hypertension. But not being able to walk in a serious type of illness, it requires a real doctor. So this method may be suitable for follow-up of any patient considering the current currency. Moreover, at the village level, this method has less scope, due to which it has many limitations. Due to which its proportion will remain masculine.

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