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Echo crashes into truck parked on Ahmedabad-Vadodara Express Highway, 3 killed, girl's head severed from torso

Heart-wrenching accident:

Three women were killed in the accident

Disturbing scenes were seen at the scene after the accident
The wreckage of the Echo car turned into an accident

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On the Ahmedabad-Vadodara National Highway near Nadiad today, an eco-car rammed into the back of a closed truck and the highway was buzzing with deaths. Three people were killed and seven were injured in the crash. The incident near Nadiad today was reminiscent of an accident near Anand a few days back.

The car crashed in the accident

An eco-car collided head-on with a truck parked on the side of the road near Nadiad on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara National Highway this afternoon. 

Which caused the car to explode. Three people died on the spot inside the car in the morning. While seven people injured have been moved for treatment.

Locals helped exhume the bodies

Nine people were killed in an accident near Tarapur 6 days ago
. As many as 9 people were killed in the accident. The Ajmeri family was on their way to Bhavnagar from Jalgaon when the truck collided head-on with Echo. Nine people, including two children, were killed and the village of Vartej and Tarapur were among the dead.

There was an accident between a truck and an Echo 6 days ago on Tarapur Highway

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