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Environment Day Special: जैसलमेर के वो इलाके जहां पेड़ काटना तो दूर, टहनी उठाना भी है पाप!

World Environment Day 2021: कोरोना काल में उत्पन्न हुई ऑक्सीजन की कमी ने आम जनता को पर्यावरण संरक्षण का महत्व बताया है, लेकिन थार मरुस्थल के बीच बसे सरहदी जिले जैसलमेर में पर्यावरण संरक्षण लोक जीवन का अभिन्न हिस्सा है.

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    In fact, the word 'Oran' is an aberration of the Sanskrit word Aranya, which was seen in Vedic period in the Aranyani Sukta of the tenth mandala of Rigveda in relation to a goddess named Aranyani. Where she used to ensure the supply of fruits and fodder throughout the year for human and animal welfare even without running a plow. With the passage of time, this tradition of ancient Vedic period had turned into a tradition of saving forests in the name of various Vedic, mythological, folk deities and saints all over India, in different regions of the country they were known as Rundha, Devbani, Devaraya. Known by other names.

    The Oran residents were alive by eating native fruits in
    this way, this Oran has been provided to their surrounding villages for centuries by the availability of indigenous fruits, honey, gum, leaves, bark, herbs, fodder, grass etc. to their surrounding villages. Working to make sure. Due to the presence of these arans, people used to live here in ancient times by eating the bark of trees and seeds of wild grasses even in famines that occurred for many years.

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    Among the popular beliefs in folk life, there has been a ban on cutting trees and cultivating these Orans, not believing that it is believed that the wrath of the gods and goddesses related to Oran brings some kind of untowardness. There has also been a practice of offering silver trees at Devasthans to pacify them. Due to the association of most of the Orans with the Devasthans, hunting of wildlife was also prohibited in them during the princely period, due to which the movement of Godavan, Chinkara and migratory birds continues in some of the Orans even today. Most of the rainwater streams and rivers of Jaisalmer district, coming out of one way or the other, control the rainwater in the ground water level, ponds and bays of various villages along the way. The ancient trees present in these Ornos do an important job of preventing soil erosion even in storms and rains.

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    Ban on cutting and cultivation of more than 100 flying trees

    For the last few months, the work of survey and identification of the ancient orons of Jaisalmer is being done by the ERDS Foundation organization in Jaisalmer by the chapters of INTACH New Delhi, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer by the environmental lovers Partha Jagani and Amitabh Baloch of Jaisalmer. is. In the first phase, 35 more have been selected which are more than 500 years old. Somewhere there is also a huge tree that is 700 to 800 years old. According to experts, there were more than 100 forests in the area and there was a ban on cutting trees and farming in all of them.


    The government is angry over not enforcing the rule, said- giving a last chance; You will be responsible for your own actions

    can be developed as eco tourism

    People associated with the environment believe that the ancient Oran of Jaisalmer is an important historical, cultural and environmental heritage, which should be surveyed on their suggestion and preserved for future generations and it is important to develop them as eco-tourism area by getting them recognized as nature heritage. is. Intake Jaisalmer Convenor Thakur Vikram Singh Nachana says that the work of the first phase of survey of Orans in Jaisalmer has been completed, some of these Orans are not recorded in the revenue record, which will be discussed with the concerned departments.

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    This is all Jaisalmer ancient and special ornament, hundreds of years old

    Bhadriarai Oran, Degrai Oran, Ashapura Oran Devikot, Sripabuji Oran, Malanbai Oran, Kaledungrai Oran, Pannodharai Oran, Ainathji Oran, Hadbuji Oran, Nagnechi Oran, Naganaray Oran, Jiyadesar Oran, Sohraji Oran, Oran, Bikropurji Oran , Pabuji oran Kariyap is the main one. Apart from these, Oran is present in every area of ​​the district. The temple of warrior Bikansi ji Bhati located in Sonu village has a revered monument of his pet dog and horse, located in the 13th century Oran, the warrior Dungarpir ji's Oran located in Mokala village, is present sometime after the establishment of Jaisalmer and Janara The Oran of Malan Bai ji located in the village is older than the establishment of Jaisalmer.

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