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Every time you give a notice, no action has been taken against the responsible officials, how long will it last ?: High Court slaps the government

Fire NOC issue hearing:  Every time you give a notice, no action has been taken against the responsible officials, how long will it last ?: High Court slaps the government

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Government's stance that factories up to 15 meters do not need to take fire safety NOC contrary to National Building Code: Petitioner's submission

Hearing has started on the issue of implementation of fire safety in Gujarat. In which the petitioner has submitted that the attitude of the government that factories up to 15 meters are not required to take fire safety NOC is contrary to the National Building Code. The court directly asked the Advocate General what action you are taking against the buildings which do not have fire NOC or BU, what action will you take against the responsible officials?

Advocate General: There is a readiness to take steps to cut off electricity, water and sewerage connections of such buildings. Buildings that do not have BU have to be demolished or sealed.

High Court: What is the meaning of giving Fire NOC if there is no BU? Concrete steps need to be taken.

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AMC: The current situation is due to us.

HC: Start taking concrete steps by setting a time frame. Get rid of it. If this situation does not happen even after 10 years, then arrange it now

Applicant: There is a 9 meter hospital building. It does not require NOC. M mentioned in the affidavit. This hospital building must have a fire NOC.

High Court: Yes, we have asked them to formulate a concrete policy and submit a reply

Applicant: 193 commercial buildings in Surat do not have NOC. Twenty-two people lost their lives in the Takshashila fire. However, no action has been taken against the building and other buildings. They have stated in the affidavit that the reason for the epidemic is that the complex is closed. So we don't do it.


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HIGH COURT: Yes we have this in mind, we will knock them out for this.

High Court: Strict action against buildings without valid building use permission, action must be taken against those who take the law into their own hands. Take action against those who ignore the law. Make them aware of the law.

High Court: Now take action. You give notice every time. Don't do anything. Even 1 year ago you did all this checking. Even then no action was taken. No action has been taken against the responsible officials. How long is this going to last?


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Advocate General: We have done a lot in 1 year. Surveyed everywhere and put information on online portals. We have fire safety training programs and are still working.

High Court: Take immediate action now. Work for BU and NOC not differently but to make it happen. BUE as much as NOC is required BU.4 Bring a specific policy during the week and make it compliant.

Advocate General: We will file an affidavit with all the data in 4 weeks. Together we will take the necessary action. And we will also take action against the negligence of the responsible officer.

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What have you done in the last 20 years?
In the last hearing, the High Court said, "If you say we have taken note, then what have you done in the last 20 years?" We say to take action or not to do anything until someone does PIL? If you find fault with citizens, take action. Check the Anne Fire NOC before opening the school and also check if there is BU permission. Fire NOC should be mandatory in all hospitals. The High Court further said, tell the hospital to put up a board outside the hospital that we do not have a fire NOC, then see who is admitted? We have to tell you all these things to suggest to you, if you have a good officer with you, take their advice and make all these arrangements.


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High Court orders release of fire safety details of government schools and buildings Ahmedabad Muni. "Not only details of private residences, industrial houses and commercial buildings, but also fire safety of government buildings and government schools have to be submitted," he said. The High Court further said, you are the one who says that the details pertaining to all the buildings will be in several hundred pages. This means that your officers have not taken the initiative to comply with previous court orders. If illegal users collect taxes, don't you know that the building exists and does not have building access permits attached to it?

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