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Exercise in the evening to improve metabolic health, reduce the risk of heart disease and keep blood sugar under control

Benefits of evening exercise in Corona:  Exercise in the evening to improve metabolic health, reduce the risk of heart disease and keep blood sugar under control

People are currently facing another wave of Corona. Doing all kinds of exercises to stay healthy. According to a study conducted in Australia at such a time, evening exercise can improve your metabolic health as well as help control heart disease and blood sugar.

Your doctor may have mentioned metabolism too many times, but did you know that evening exercise is more effective for metabolic health than morning.

New research on exercise timing has shown that there are many benefits to exercising in the evening instead of in the morning and the biggest benefit is to your metabolic health.

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Only men on a high fat diet were included in the study. The reason women were not included was that women's metabolism slowed down during periods. The men involved in the study found a lot of difference from the evening exercise. While those who did the same exercise in the morning did not see much difference.

What is metabolism?
The process of digesting and converting what we eat and drink into energy is called metabolism. Simply put, it is the process that converts calories into energy. Our bodies need energy all the time.

The process of metabolism in the body lasts for 24 hours. Even when we are at rest. Energy is also required for the body's internal functions during sleep such as blood circulation, breathing, repairing cells, etc.

There are two types of metabolism. There are two types of metabolism
. BMR (basal metabolic rate) and RMR (resting metabolic rate). Even at rest, our body consumes energy.

RMR consumes 75% of the calories we consume throughout the day. The remaining calories are for digestion and other physical activities.


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The Connection of Metabolic Health and Evening Exercise
Every tissue in the body has a molecular clock that sends a message to show the effects of daily sunbathing, meals and sleep. This molecular clock coordinates with the biological system for all processes taking place inside the body such as raising and lowering blood sugar, energy, muscle strength, appetite, heart rate, body temperature, cell division.

According to the study, evening exercise may be beneficial for people who do not have good routine and metabolic health. Especially for those who wake up late at night and sleep late in the morning.

Scientists from the Mackie McClough Institute for Health Research at the Australian Catholic University, published in Diabetology in May, asked people who changed their exercise time to follow a high-fat diet. 24 overweight Australian men were selected for it. The scientists first examined their aerobic fitness, cholesterol, blood-sugar control and other aspects related to health, asked about their eating habits and told them what to eat during the experiment.


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Volunteers were given a high-fat diet that contained
about 65 percent fat in their diet, as researchers wanted to know how the timing of the exercise could affect metabolism and blood sugar control. For five days the volunteers ate only fatty foods and continued to be tested. The researchers divided these volunteers into 3 groups. One group was asked to exercise at 6.30 am, another group was asked to exercise at 6.30 pm and a third group was asked not to exercise.

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Good results were seen in people who exercised in the evening.
After eating fatty foods for the first five days, men's cholesterol increased rapidly, especially LDL, which is the most dangerous. Molecules responsible for metabolism and heart disease were also found in his blood.

The group that was exercising in the morning did not have much effect on the increased cholesterol and changes in the blood.

While cholesterol dropped rapidly in people who exercised in the evening, the changes in their blood related to heart disease and metabolism also gradually improved. In addition, their blood sugar was quickly controlled when they fell asleep after a workout.

This is not the case with people who exercise in the morning.

However, this study does not explain how evening exercise proved to be so effective for metabolic health, but Moholt believes that it also affected the molecular clock, which led to these changes.

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