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Facebook-Google must abide by new IT rules, Twitter asks for response on Ravi Shankar Prasad and Tharoor's account lock

Strict attitude towards social media: 

Parliamentary committee summons Facebook and Google for misusing its platform - file photo

Parliament's Standing Committee on Information Technology met Tuesday with officials from Facebook and Google. The committee told the company that they would have to abide by the new IT rules and regulations of the country. Companies strictly follow the rules of data security and privacy. The meeting was called after a dispute between the government and social media companies over recently implemented IT rules.

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According to sources, Twitter has been asked to respond within 2 days to the account lock-up of Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and MP Shashi Tharoor. Twitter was asked on what basis the decision was made. The committee has directed to send a letter to the secretariat in this regard. The letter could only be sent on Tuesday. Now, if the right response is not received from Twitter, company officials may be summoned.

Google deletes videos of non-compliance with community guidelines
Google officials told the committee that YouTube removed more than 9.5 million videos between January and March 2021 due to non-compliance with the community guidelines. Ninety-five percent of these videos were initially identified by machines without human intervention. 27.80 per cent single views were also not received from this video. While 39 per cent received barely one to ten views.

YouTube said it had shut down more than 2.2 million channels during the quarter for violating community guidelines. YouTube, meanwhile, has removed more than a million comments.

Facebook will report content removal by July 15.
Earlier, Facebook officials told the committee that under the new IT rules, we will submit a final report on July 15 on how much content we have deleted between May 15 and June 15. An earlier interim report dated July 2 will be submitted to the committee. In addition to Facebook, Google officials are also expected to appear before the committee.

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