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Fake accounts with photos of film actors, cricketers and famous personalities must be closed within 24 hours after the complaint

Strictness on social media companies:

The government is taking a tough stance on social media platforms after the new IT rule came into force. The government has long turned a blind eye to the use of other people's photos on social media platforms. The government has now made it mandatory to close such social media accounts within 24 hours of receiving a complaint. This rule applies to all social media companies, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. A person who has created a fake account using a photo of the person can file a complaint himself or herself instead.

New rule mandatory under new IT rule The
government said the new rule has been made mandatory under the new IT rules. Following this rule, social media giants will have to close fake accounts within 24 hours of receiving a complaint. With this new rule, fake accounts can no longer spread fake news.

Explain the new rule by example
if a film actor, cricketer, politician or any other user accuses another user of using his photo to increase his followers can ask to close such account. A report quoted sources as saying that the provisions have come into effect with the new IT rules created for social media companies. Social media companies have to work within 1 day of receiving a complaint.


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Fake accounts a big problem for famous personalities Fake accounts are a big problem for
influencers, activists and people in the corporate sector in social media. The accounts of these people are copied from various places. Fake accounts are often created for misconduct, crime or financial fraud. Some of them are made from fans of Wellnon Personality while some are operated by boats.

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Fake account is a risk to the whole world
Fake account is a risk to the whole world. It is estimated that billions of dollars have been lost over the years due to fake accounts. Fake accounts are responsible for a variety of crimes. Famous personalities are targeted through fake news. Fake news often becomes a problem even for corporates and executives. Corporate fake accounts are mostly used for phishing attacks, product sales of rival companies and scams.

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Treats like a real account Fake account
Platforms including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube verify the accounts of famous personalities. Although there are many fake accounts in his name. There are many examples in the country where people have come to trust such fake accounts.

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The reason behind this is that the information of the verified account is limited. A large number of social media users are unaware of Twitter's verified tool like Blue Tick. The new IT rules provide users with the option of account verification. For platforms with over 50 lakh users, the option of account verification is a must.

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