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For the first time in India, a railway overbridge will be built in Valsad in just 20 days

Wonder of Construction Technology:  For the first time in India, a railway overbridge will be built in Valsad in just 20 days

The structure was built overnight by arranging 19 pre-cast concrete frames

New method used to build new overbridge to cross two tracks of railway freight corridor
Heavy Steel Precast Concrete Frame System Launched
75% completion of Valsad railway overbridge for freight corridor track, bridge to be ready in 7 days
19 precast concrete heavy frame bridges weighing 101 tons will be fitted to the bridge

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For the first time in India, a railway overbridge is being constructed at Valsad in 20 days by the Railways using the latest technology. The railway project team has been working day and night to speed up the construction of this railway bridge at the district headquarters, which is busy with 24 hours traffic with a daily movement of about 20,000 vehicles. 75 per cent of the work has been completed. The railways have set a target of completing the bridge by June 22.

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Work that takes 5 months will be done in 20 days
Work that takes 5 months will be done in 20 days

A triangular designed railway overbridge was constructed at Valsad 50 years ago for the traffic coming from Valsad via Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway, Dharampur, Atul, Pardi, Vapi Mumbai. . Approving the railway proposal as it required closure of traffic on the existing railway overbridge, the Collector closed the bridge for traffic till June 21 and issued a notification directing diversion.

Image of construction site
Image of construction site

The challenge was to complete the work on the bridge, which was closed for only 20 days, in the same time. Railway DFCC and construction agency IRCON were facing the challenge. According to railway sources, this precast concrete heavy steel frame will be fitted in just 10 days and the bridge will be ready in 20 days. Is being built.


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The section between the triangular overbridges is cut off from the JCB. The new structure carries
traffic from the railway overbridge of Valsad in three directions, including highway traffic, Dharampur, Vapi Atul and Valsad city traffic. The precast heavy frame has been launched by deducting part of the square meter from JCB. After this precast bridge is built, the road will be rebuilt and traffic will be resumed.

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Using the out-of-the-box solution
According to the DFCC project team, Valsad's Bridge Highway is the main source of continuous movement of vehicles from Mumbai, Surat as well as Vapi, Pardi, Umargam, Dharampur and Kaprada talukas. The construction agency's project team decided to come up with an out-of-the-box solution using a technique that could make the bridge ready in just 20 days.

What was used for the construction of this bridge
101Ton heavy steel precast concrete frame
150Man power-worker
19Precast concrete frame
5001 high-tech crane lifting a ton
30Construction Area Square Meter
3003 cranes weighing tons
4JCB Machinery

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