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Geo-Google's cheapest smartphone could be announced, with the price expected to be around ₹ 4000

Reliance's AGM:  

Geo will prepare its upcoming phone in partnership with Google
The company's goal is to make India 2G free. For that the company will launch cheap 4G and 5G devices

The impact on the global supply chain of smartphones and the rising cost of components has put pressure on smartphone manufacturing. To address this problem, billionaire Mukesh Ambani plans to capture the Indian market through locally assembled Google-powered smartphones.


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Ambani's company Reliance Industries had envisioned selling crores of cheap smartphones in the early years, but now aims to launch a small portion of it. Reliance may announce the co-branded phone at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on ​​June 24. It will then have its official launch by August or September.

According to a report by Mobile Indian, Jio's cheapest smartphone Jio Orbic phone (RC545L) has been listed on the Google Play console site. This smartphone will have a Snapdragon processor and 4G connectivity.


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According to reports, Jio will launch this cheap Android phone Jio Orbic with Snapdragon QM215 processor. It was designed for Android Go. The phone will get more than 1GB of RAM, Android 10 OS and HD resolution. Geo will launch this phone in collaboration with Google.

According to a leaked report, Geo's upcoming 4G smartphone could be priced around Rs 4,000. The company could launch 2 crore such phones.

By 2025, there will be more than 900 million Internet users.

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Sources say India is the world's largest growing smartphone market. The number of internet users is expected to cross 90 crore by 2025. Consumers want a smartphone that is equipped with the latest technology. Engineers from Reliance and Google have developed a smartphone. It has a version of the Android operating system that will give the user a high end experience without the use of expensive parts.

About 35 crore 2G users in India
Mukesh Ambani said at AGM 2020 that Geo's goal is to make India 2G free. The company will deliver 4G internet to 2G customers. The company aims to provide smartphones to all Indians. About 350 million users in India use 2G feature phones.

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Geo Phone is the cheapest phone in the world

The Geo phone is currently the cheapest phone in the world with 4G connectivity. Launched in the year 2017, the Geo phone is currently priced at Rs 699. Launched in the year 2018, the Geo Phone 2 is priced at Rs 2,999.
Geo Phone 2 supports 2.4 inch display, 2000mAh battery, 4G connectivity, QWERTY keyboard. The phone comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Storage can be expanded up to 125GB with the help of SD card. The phone comes with connectivity features like WiFi, GPS and NFC. It supports WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Assistant and Facebook.

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