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Gir's famous saffron mangoes to be exported by sea for the first time, 14 tonnes of mangoes to reach Italy from Mundra port

Stayed in America, took to Italy:  Gir's famous saffron mangoes to be exported by sea for the first time, 14 tonnes of mangoes to reach Italy from Mundra port

Boxes of saffron mangoes specially prepared for export

Exports of 100 tonnes of mangoes to European countries, including Italy, this year
Mangoes are exported after going through several processes in the pack house

Gir's famous saffron mango sodam has spread to many countries of the world besides Gujarat and India. Even in the midst of the Koro epidemic, the world's fascination with saffron mangoes has not diminished. Even amid the Corona epidemic, it is estimated that 100 tonnes of case mangoes will be exported to European countries this year, including Italy. Recently, 14 tonnes of saffron mangoes from Talala Gir have been exported to Italy. For the first time this year, it has been exported via ship instead of air cargo. The container of saffron mangoes is expected to reach Italy in 25 days by sea from Mundra port.

Carries in the pack house are classified according to size and weight

"Saffron mangoes from Gir are in demand in the US and Japan," said HH Jarsania, secretary , Talala Mango Market , which did not export to Japan and the US this year due to technical reasons . However, due to the Corona epidemic this year, mangoes could not be exported to these countries due to technical reasons. However, the demand for mangoes shipped to Italy has increased. So another container is also prepared to be sent after 10 days.

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'Increasing demand recorded in European countries, if properly marketed,
Italy Gir Kesar mango to take delivery of the victory eksaportara does Allahabad, a native of Uttar Pradesh song reached the original and recently in Italy, having traded Sahai stated that, for the first time India has reached Kesar Mango Italy from sea talala Gir region of the country Is. The price of Gir saffron mango is very high in European countries including Italy. Saffron mangoes are in high demand in European countries, including Italy. Proper marketing of Gir saffron mangoes could lead to a market in European countries, including Italy, which could consume more than 100 tonnes of mangoes.

The carry box is loaded into the container

100 tonnes of mangoes to reach countries including Italy
Vijay Sahay said that 75 tonnes of saffron mangoes are being sent in 5 containers in Athiyar Sughi. Saffron curry is shipped to other countries via Italy. This is because, in addition to being the main distribution center, Italy is the closest port to the Indian port of Mundra. From there it is sent to European countries including Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria. This year, we had planned to buy and export 300 to 400 tonnes of saffron mangoes from Talala Gir district, but due to the hurricane in Talala, we will be able to buy and export only 100 tonnes of saffron mangoes this time.


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Can only be exported after the APIDA process
It is not easy to export Gir saffron mangoes abroad. Because Carrie has to go through a lot of processes to follow a lot of rules. According to Anjumbhai, an exporter of saffron mangoes, a pack house has been constructed at a cost of Rs 4 crore 60 lakh at Virpur Gir managed by Talala Marketing Yard. Saffron mangoes processed in this pack house are exported abroad. According to which saffron mangoes are brought from farmers' orchards and processed. The first quantity of mangoes is brought to the Mango Pack House at Talala Mango Marketing Yard. Where saffron mangoes are found and then washed and pre-cooled-washed cleaning as well as necessary chemical processing is done. Carries are then sorted according to their size and weight.

Ongoing work of car wash washing at the pack house

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The mangoes are then cooled to a temperature of 23 degrees. Then an attractive 15,000 boxes of two-three and four kilos of saffron mangoes were prepared in a pack house at Virpur Gir. The prepared boxes of 14 tonnes of mangoes have been shipped from Virpur Gir to Mundra Port in a fully equipped state-of-the-art container and sent to Italy.

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