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Government approves theater to open from June 27, but Ahmedabad Multiplex Association decides to start from July

It will take another time: 

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Theaters closed for more than 2 months, theaters are not staffed, cleaning is pending: Association
Only Gujarati and English films will be released in the first 2 weeks

Corona's second start was followed by a number of bans by the government. In which gardens, theaters, malls, hotels, restaurants were ordered to be closed, one after the other has been started in phases. It is now allowed to start the theater but since the theater has been closed for more than 2 months, it is not possible to start the theater suddenly. So with all the arrangements the theater will start in the first week of July.


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All arrangements will be restored and the theater will be started. The
government has given permission to start the theater with a capacity of 50 per cent from July 27. Theaters were closed for more than 2 months. Due to which most of the theaters are not staffed, cleaning is left, there is a technical problem. 

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The theater will be started by re-establishing all these arrangements. The theater will be started in the first week of July after all the facilities are set up in compliance with all the guidelines. Such a decision has been taken by the Multiplex Association.

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The Hindi film will come after July 15.
Rakesh Patel, a member of the Multiplex Association, said in a conversation with Divyabhaskar that the government has come to allow the reopening of the theater after two months. Permission has been granted to start the theater from June 27 but in the current situation, no theater can be opened immediately. 

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We will have a meeting with Gujarati film distributor Vandan Shah on Monday after which we will open the theater with all arrangements. Only Gujarati and English films will be released in the first 2 weeks after the opening of the theater. When the Hindi film comes after July 15, the Hindi film will start.

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The turnover of multiplexes in
Gujarat has been disrupted. The Vice President of Gujarat Multiplex Assoc. Further said that the entire Gujarat has suffered an estimated loss of Rs. There is no profit, which has disrupted the turnover of multiplexes. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is also a question of whether the audience will come as there is a situation where old movies have to be shown. No theater is going to start this Sunday and if it does, it will be from the first-second week of July.


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What rules must be followed?

Contact number must be provided for contact tracing.
Violators of Corona's guidelines will be prosecuted.
No more than 50 per cent seating arrangements can be made.
Bookings can only be made by leaving one seat.
The back seat of the empty seat can be booked.
The rest of the seat will have to be written Not to be Occupied.
Theaters will not be allowed in the containment zone.

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Senitaijharano for audiences in theaters pharajiya use of
the SOP, cinema will be at a temperature of 23-30 degrees units for air conditioners inside the hole. A 1 minute film is required for Corona's awareness before or after the show. Only packets of food will be allowed. Also, it is better to book multiplex tickets online. However, single window theaters will have to open more windows for tickets. The theater owner has to clean it up after every show. For this, proper PPE kits and shoes of the staff have to be made available. It will be mandatory for spectators to use sanitizer in theaters.

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