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Heavy Rain:Rains start in Chalala town

Rainy weather prevailed in Amreli district

In Amreli district, Lathi, Babra, Kunkavav, Bagasara, Lilia areas, the sons of the earth are happy with heavy rains. In which, in Harsurpur Devlia of Lathi, the bike is strained due to flood in the local river. And it has started raining in Chalala city. Also in Amreli district, rainy weather prevails.

Scenes of bike tensions between streams of water were captured on mobiles by locals in
Lathi and heavy rains in the Babra area. On the other hand, an attempt was made by a youth from a village coming to Ghodapur in the Harsurpur Devlia local river of Lathi.

 In the meanwhile the bike was pulled by the youths in the turbulent stream but the youths were tense due to the high water revenue. The bike was then abandoned and scenes of bike tension amidst the flow of water were captured on mobile by the locals.

It has been raining for two days in a row
while the villagers flocked to see the floods. At that time, on the second day today, cloudy weather has formed in Amreli district. Rains lashed the city of Chalala and surrounding areas. With this, the coolness of Chalala city and diocese has spread. It is raining again this afternoon. While it has been raining for two consecutive days.

Ghodapur came in Gadhakada river of Savarkundla. Megharaja has
arrived again today in Amreli district. In some villages, it is raining heavily. In Gadhakada of Savarkundla, Ganeshgarh, Khadsali, 2 inches of rain is falling and water coming from Ghodapur is being seen in the local river of Gadhakada. Farmers in the villages of this area are considering sowable rains. On the other hand, Babra Lathi Savarkundla area is getting continuous rains and cold has spread in the entire area.

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