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Here are 3 reasons why the third wave of Corona may prove dangerous for children: 75 Children's Hospitals ready in Rajkot

Pal before water:  Here are 3 reasons why the third wave of Corona may prove dangerous for children: 75 Children's Hospitals ready in Rajkot

Rajkot's system equipped to fight Corona's third wave, third wave increases risk of dominating children

Corana had made everyone run in the second wave rather than the first wave. Oxygen depleted people had to wander for cylinders to save their relatives. The health department is also relieved that the second wave has slowed down, but the third wave of corona in the country is more likely to be as dangerous as the second wave and not affect children or adults. Preparations have been started across the state, including Rajkot, to fight the third wave of the epidemic. 75 Children's Hospitals have been set up in Rajkot and 700 beds have been made available in them.

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About 50 ventilators have been set up. Dr. Lalit Wanza, Health Officer , Rajkot Municipal Corporation, said that the third wave is expected to be lessened by vaccination and compliance with the rules, but adequate preparations are being made for the third wave. From Anganwadi Health Workers to Medical Staff, Dhanvantari-Sanjeev's Rath etc., we are planning to train the children on Home Isolation, Treatment etc. There are 74 private children's hospitals in Rajkot, with 500 beds and 50 ventilators for children to be admitted, the report said.

He further said that 200 beds have been prepared in Rajkot Civil Hospital while preparations have been made in Rajkot Civil Hospital for the risk of infecting children, pregnant women etc. in the third wave. The Children's Hospital has a 200-bed facility with oxygen and other facilities.

The main reasons for the third wave to be more dangerous for children are
(1) the country has not yet started vaccinating children, hence the vaccine is not safe
(2) the older person receiving the vaccine can be infected with corona and there is a full risk of the infection spreading to children.
(3) Children are not accustomed to taking care of themselves.


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Vaccination of people under the age of 18 in India pending The second wave of corona has also found that a large number of children have been infected and now it is difficult to say whether the third wave will come or not, but most people over the age of 18 are being vaccinated. They may have mild symptoms if they do occur, but the risk is higher for children under the age of 18 who have yet to be vaccinated.

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On the other children occupied over the recovery
was found during the second wave of mild simptomsa children and they were going to be healed quickly. One thing is that during the second wave, children get symptoms called PIMS or MISC after 4 to 6 weeks of Kovid, but the doctors are ready to treat it, so there is no need to panic. There are many estimates that children will be most affected by the wave. In the meantime, the pediatricians have already prepared and calculated the hospital status, bed status, ICU status as well as the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, the foremost body of pediatricians, has also prepared special guidelines for the treatment of children in Corona.

An expert committee will be
formed. The guidelines also regulate steroids in addition to different drugs. The private hospital lacked any clear guidelines for steroids in adults, while the government hospital had an 8 mg limit 3 times a day. 

However, the new guidelines state that children should be given a single dose at a maximum of 6 mg. A former professor of Rajkot Medical College for State Infectious Diseases and currently serving in Surat Medical College, Dr. Yogesh Popat has been assigned the responsibility and he is working with different doctors and institutions to form a team of experts. Apart from this, different protocols are also promulgated by the government or ICMR. An expert committee will be formed to ensure that doctors are not bothered to understand and change the protocol every time.

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