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Hesitant to get vaccinated with Covid-19? So this information is your work; Read the 10 misconceptions about the vaccine and its truth

Bhaskar Explaner:  Hesitant to get vaccinated with Covid-19? So this information is your work; Read the 10 misconceptions about the vaccine and its truth

The United States has eliminated the need for masks after vaccinating 38% of its adult population. 75% of the adult population in Britain has taken at least one dose. Israel, on the other hand, has completely vaccinated 60% of its adult population. Gradually the situation in these countries is happening or has happened as before. In contrast, 13% of the population in India has taken at least one dose.

This is because the speed of vaccination in India is low. The availability of vaccine doses is a problem that governments are tackling. But there are also many misconceptions and misconceptions that keep people away from vaccines even after they become available. Experts say there is no conditional cure against coronavirus. Treatment is based on symptoms and India has recently officially witnessed more than 1.5 lakh deaths in the second wave. Seeing that, vaccination is the only ray of hope. The vaccine helps the body identify the virus and make antibodies against it. It is imperative that you take a dose of the vaccine whenever available.


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There are some misconceptions and doubts about vaccination that prevent people from getting vaccinated. We look at 10 such misconceptions. Charu Goyal spoke to Sachdeva, HOD and Consultant, Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, New Delhi, and tried to find out the facts.

You know the truth about these misconceptions and share them with people who stay away from the vaccine because of any misconceptions or suspicions.

Myth 1 1 Vaccine has become very rare. Because it is not secure
Reality: It is true that the vaccine has been developed in less than a year. The first mummy vaccine was developed in four years and was the shortest time developed vaccine. Thus, the Covid-19 vaccine has been developed in record time. But that doesn't mean the vaccine isn't safe.

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The rules have been strictly followed in approving any vaccine. Yes, the process needs to be fast track. But all the necessary procedures have been followed. Scientists have worked 24 hours a day to ensure that the vaccine is safe for everyone.

In fact, regulators in every country, from the WHO onwards, have complied with stricter regulations. The vaccine was tested in a laboratory. Then came his trials on men. Its effectiveness is determined on the basis of the results obtained in it. It is completely wrong to say that the vaccine is unsafe. It was approved only after regulators conducted a data study on aspects such as security and EFC.

Myth 2: Vaccines have serious side effects. Fact: This is not true. In India alone, the odds are only 0.013%. That means only 130 people out of a million have seen side effects. That is not at all. Side effects such as pain, swelling, and fever may be needed instead of injections. This symptom disappears automatically in a day or two. For this reason, there are no side effects other than the benefits of the vaccine. No need to worry about that.

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Myth 3:
Immunity developed due to vaccines is weakened by drinking alcohol. Fact: This is completely wrong. Vaccines and alcohol have nothing to do with it. People who drink too much alcohol may have a weakened immune system. Drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of liver and heart disease. The doctor advises to stay away from it.

The controversy over alcohol and vaccines began in Russia. Last year, leaders there said vaccinators should not drink alcohol for at least two to three months. After that, many people were reluctant to take the vaccine. The investigation did not prove anything. In the United States, free beer was distributed in some states to motivate people to get vaccinated.

Free beer from the Soles Company was distributed to vaccinators at the Kennedy Center in Washington. This has largely eliminated the hesitation of the people.

Myth 5 મહિલા Women who are having periods, the vaccine weakens their immunity.
Fact: This is completely wrong. Women's periods have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the vaccine. Pregnant women are also being vaccinated. There is a misconception that taking vaccine doses during periods weakens immunity.

Myth 6 ઃ If someone has a Covid-19 infection, they do not need to be
vaccinated . People who have an infection may have antibodies in their body. But how long it lasts depends on each person. But there is also a risk of reinfection. For this reason, the Indian government has advised that the dose of the vaccine can be taken three months after the infection.

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Myth 7 People with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer may become weak after being vaccinated.
Fact: This is a group that was vaccinated by the Government of India as a priority group. These people are at increased risk of developing serious symptoms when they become infected. For this reason it is advisable that this vulnerable group should be vaccinated with covid vaccine whenever available. This will protect them from serious symptoms of infection.

Myth 8 ઃ Covid vaccine is not effective on variants
Fact: This is not true. The vaccine is also effective on variants. According to a study by Public Health England, both Covishield and Pfizer vaccines have been administered and have been largely successful in preventing variants. In the case of covexin, it is also claimed that it offers protection from double mutant strains found in India along with UK, Brazil and South African variants.

The government placed the elderly as well as people in the priority group who have diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. They are most at risk from corona, which is why they need to be vaccinated.

Myth 9 મહિલા Women who are breastfeeding should not be vaccinated as it weakens their immunity. This can also harm the baby. Fact: Initially, women who were breastfeeding were excluded from vaccination. But studies have shown that the vaccine is safe for them and their newborns. The vaccine dose given immediately after delivery not only protects the mother but also allows the antibody to reach her baby by drinking her milk. This also protects children against covid-19 infections.

Myth 10 ઃ The mRNA vaccine alerts the DNA in the cells in your body. It changes the genetic code.
Fact: This claim is completely false. The mRNA goes into the vaccine cell. Does not change the DNA by going to the nucleus. The dose given by the vaccine behaves like a spike protein and the body makes antibodies against the virus. At present, the effectiveness of Pfizer and Modern's mRNA vaccines is better than all other vaccines. The mRNA vaccine is being used all over the world, including in the United States.

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