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If you have an account with one of these banks you will not be able to withdraw PF money, update your account now

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IFSC codes of Andhra Bank, Syndicate Bank, Oriental Bank, Allahabad Bank, United Bank have become invalid.
EPFO released information to PF account holders to update their accounts

If you are thinking of withdrawing your PF money, you must first update your bank details in your PF account. Otherwise you will not be able to withdraw money from PF account. If your account was with a bank that is currently merged, do it today. Banks that have merged have now changed their IFSC code. With this in mind, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has issued information to all PF account holders to update their accounts.

The IFSC code of the merged banks has changed.
In fact, after the merger of some government banks, their IFSC codes have become invalid from 1 April 2021, due to which their claims are not being passed. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) informed the PF account holders to update their bank account information in the Provident Fund account. The government has just announced a non-refundable PF advance a few days ago, so that people in the Corona epidemic can meet the need for money. It can be applied both online or offline. But if your bank account details are not updated in the PF account, you will have difficulty in getting the claim.


Account holders of these banks have to update their accounts.
According to the information released by EPFO, IFSC codes of Andhra Bank, Syndicate Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Allahabad Bank, United Bank of India, Corporation Bank have become invalid. If the account of these banks is linked in the PF account then the member cannot claim online. To claim online, he has to update the bank details in his PF account.

The process for updating a bank account

First go to EPFO's Unified Member Portal
Login by entering your UAN and password here
Now click on the 'Manage' tab
In front of you will be a drop down menu. Select KYC in this menu
Here you will see your bank account number. Enter a new IFSC by clicking on it and save
Once this information is approved by the employer, your updated bank details will appear in the approved KYC section.

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Process this if the employer does not approve.
If your employer is not accepting the bank details update request, you should first talk to the company's HR department or administration about this. However, if the details are taking too long to be approved, contact higher authorities. Complain to EPF Grievance if no action is taken by the company though.

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