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In 1 year of Corona, people deposited Rs 1.21 lakh crore in banks; Which is 16% more than last year, 70% share is only in 7 districts

Bhaskar Analysis:

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Gujarat's bank deposit is Rs 8,81,000 crore
Deposits increased by Rs 63,000 crore in 2019 before Corona, doubling in 2020 during Corona
The highest savings since 2016-17, when deposits rose to Rs 85,000 crore
35 thousand crore in Ahmedabad, 16 thousand crore in Surat bank deposits increased
The state has taken home loans of Rs 23,500 crore a year, an increase of 224% in deposits in 10 years

Deposits in Gujarat's banks have risen to Rs 8.81 lakh crore. Deposits stood at Rs 7.60 lakh crore in March 2020. Deposits in Gujarat have increased by Rs 1.21 lakh crore even during the difficult one-year period. Gujaratis have maintained the habit of saving even in times of conflict. The details came out at a quarterly meeting of the State Level Bankers Committee on June 24. As on March 2019, the deposit was Rs 6.97 lakh crore. An increase of Rs 63,000 crore in 2019-20. Despite the corona in 2020-21, deposits have increased compared to the previous year.


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Out of 33 districts in the state, 70 per cent deposits are in 7 districts with Rs 6.10 lakh crore, including Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Kutch, Gandhinagar and Anand. Deposits in banks increased from 2.72 lakh crore in 2011 to 8.81 lakh crore in 2021. Ahmedabad has the highest increase in deposits at Rs 35,000 crore during the Koro period. 16 thousand crore in Vadodara while 13 thousand crore in Surat.

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The 7 districts with the highest deposits


Changes in deposit in one year

MonthsMarch 2020March 2021Increase
Ahmedabad2.05 lakh crore2.40 lakh crore35 thousand crore
Vadodara89.90 thousand crore1.06 lakh crore16 thousand crore
Surat74.70 thousand crore87 thousand crore13 thousand crore
Rajkot50 thousand crore56 thousand crore6 thousand crore
Kutch38.03 thousand crore43 thousand crore4.97 thousand crore
Anand31.52 thousand crore35 thousand crore3.48 thousand crore
Gandhinagar33.44 thousand crore43 thousand crore9.56 thousand crore

(Source - SLBC)

8 districts with lowest deposits

Dang778 crore
Narmada2.40 thousand crore
Botad2.69 thousand crore
Chho.Udaipur2.80 thousand crore
Tapi3.90 thousand crore
Ocean4.02 thousand crore
Aravalli4.39 thousand crore
Dwarka5.21 thousand crore

10 year deposits increased by 6 lakh crore

March 20112.72 lakh crore
March 20123.17 lakh crore
March 20144.28 lakh crore
June 20154.98 lakh crore
June 20165.83 lakh crore
March 20176.23 lakh crore
March 20196.97 lakh crore
March 20207.60 lakh crore
June 2027.85 lakh crore
March 20218.81 lakh crore

(Source - SLBC and Economic Social Review)

2.40 lakh people paid Rs. 23,500 crore housing loan to
8.57 lakh women entrepreneurs in 2019-20. 15 thousand crore loan was given. 7.87 lakh women entrepreneurs in 2020-21 20 thousand crore loan has been given. Under Housing Finance, 2.76 lakh people will get Rs. A loan of Rs 22,000 crore was given. Which has increased to Rs 23,500 crore in 2020-21. A total of 2.40 lakh people have been given loans.

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UPI transactions in Gujarat increase by 121% in 9 months UPI
payments in the state have increased by 120% in the three quarters of 2021. The online transaction figure was Rs 12.75 crore in June 2020, which increased to Rs. 28.12 crore. Online transactions have increased with online education and work from home.

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