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In Bihar, the groom broke the bow and walked around with the bride, people flocked to see the unique wedding

Swayamvara in Kali Yuga: 

You must have heard the story of Lord Shriram's Swayamvara in Satyug. However, in the Kali Yuga, even among the Koro epidemics, such a swayamvar was held by laying down the rules. The video has also gone viral on social media. 

A swayamvar reminiscent of the Ramayana period was held in Sonpur village in Bihar's Saran district. In which an idol named Arjuna worshiped Shiva just like the mythology and broke the bow in the presence of the executioners. Only then does the bride enter and the two are married according to the scriptural rites.

Surrounding villagers also flocked with the guests to witness the swayamvar held in the eastern region of Sabalpur. The groom named Arjun broke the bow and went on a seven-way trip with the bride named Priyanka.

 The Pandit present in the mandapa also chanted mantras and performed all the marriage rituals just like Lord Shriram's Swayamvara. As soon as the bow was broken, people showered flowers on Arjun and cheered him on, while the bride Priyanka was brought to the wedding pavilion by her friends on time.

However, all those present at this swayamvara held in Satyug style forgot the corona of Kalayug. There were so many people gathered that even the distances of social distance flew.

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