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In the latest pics from around the world

In the latest pics from around the world  :Where the world's largest bhuvo fell !: The garden blossomed at an altitude of 7200 feet; Travel to Europe by rail, road or water

The picture is from Santa Maria Town, Mexico. Here on Wednesday a pit 300 feet wide and 60 feet deep suddenly fell. Locals are scared as its size is increasing every hour. Scientists believe that the pit is due to a fault in geology.

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Garden at an altitude of 7200 feet

The Panchashuli peaks of the Himalayas and the Gulzar Tulip Garden with colorful flowers in front of it. As if heaven had descended to earth and settled here. The view is of the Munsyari Tulip Garden in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, where the Forest Department has planted a beautiful flower garden on a barren land. The department is now waiting for the second wave of Corona transition to be completed, so that people from all over the country can come and see this beautiful garden. 

The 30-acre site in Munsyari where the garden was built was previously deserted. Munsyari Garden is located at an altitude of 7200 feet above sea level. In this regard, DFO Dr. Bhargava says that it was very difficult to make a garden here. Being at an altitude there was only wild grass here. Due to this the quality of the land had deteriorated but due to the passion of the team for the protection of the environment this work could be done in just 1 year. What is special is that only Rs 1.36 lakh is behind the entire project. Cost.

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This picture is from the area of ​​Castel Gomilika Marina in Croatia. Famous among tourists from all over the world, the area is famous for luxurious yachts, ferry tours and European holidays. Five luxury yachts caught fire here on Saturday while 18 were damaged but now Ronak will be seen here again. The special thing is that from here the whole of Europe can be reached by rail, road or water. For the same reason, bookings here till September are full.

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