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In the latest pics from around the world

In the latest pics from around the world  :A doll took over the village in Australia: a unique protest to save aged trees in Canada; Rice is not just edible

People in North Queensland in Australia are trembling with a doll. The doll is seen sitting on a hammock tied to a tree branch. The locals consider her a haunted doll. Not only that, people are afraid to talk about it. There is a lot of talk about this doll. People say that this doll brings misfortune. Many people say that even if we pass close to it, the doll is badly affected. Many people say that many of those who saw this doll have had an accident. But no one knows how this doll came to be on a tree swing but some people say that a doll made this doll. The couple suddenly disappeared and the doll became cursed. The situation is such that the local system is trying to find out the truth about this but if no official wants to go near the doll then the big question is how this will be investigated!

Unique protest to save aged trees

Arborists in Canada are uniquely opposed to cutting down trees. Older trees i.e. 200-250 years old trees are being cut down in the rain forest here. Environmentalists don't like this. They are going to the forest and protesting in various ways. Some of the trees in this rain forest are even 1000 years old.

A drone-created spectacle in New York

Drones are not a new surprise in the United States, but people in New York are currently amazed by a drone. In fact, a huge sculpture of a fiberglass drone has been placed at High Line Park in New York. Which has created a lot of curiosity among the people as to where this kind of sculpture suddenly came from. The sculpture was created by an artist named Sam Durant.

Rice is not just edible

The picture is of Chen Gurui, who lives in Goalu Village, Fujian Province, China. He was born in 1987. They are working to keep the 100 year old art still alive. They are creating wonderful artefacts by combining a single grain of rice. They also provide coaching and training for the children.


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View of Van Gogh's paintings

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Vincent van Gogh's multi-senior exhibition Van Gogh Alive has started in London. It featured thousands of Van Gogh paintings digitally. In every corner of the exhibition you will find paintings by Van Gogh.

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